Crimson Saber Lounge: Party

As mentioned in a few previous posts, I’ve been running a Star Wars Saga Edition game recently, and I am loving Chamomile’s Party rules. We had our first kickoff session, and launched with a party, so I thought I’d post my notes and our starter so you can see how it works in practice. PlotContinue reading “Crimson Saber Lounge: Party”

Yer’a Wizard

‘Wand, magic sand, one Turkish massage owl . . . where can I ever obtain such obscurities?’ HP The Academy Wizard Class The Academy wizard is a homebrew 3.5 character class designed for a campaign set within the world of teens whisked away to a magical school. You get the setting, so I won’t elaborateContinue reading “Yer’a Wizard”

Lost Prison of Eternity

The Lost Prison of Eternity is our newest DMs Guild product. An adventure spawned after reading about the dearth of high level 5e adventures. The Lost Prison was written from the ground up with high level concepts at its base and should stretch even the cleverest spellcaster’s utility belts. Its PWYW on the DMs guild,Continue reading “Lost Prison of Eternity”

Redcoat Smasher and the Crown of Flames

Our last session with the Vampire Lord ended on a cliffhanger. With Redcoat and Opal relaxing after their quest in the inn, late at night, with a sudden appearance of a face in the fireplace. A young woman says “Help me Redcoat, you’re my only hope”. The Fire Princess reached out to Redcoat after hearingContinue reading “Redcoat Smasher and the Crown of Flames”

So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well: Review

I picked up So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well by Ember + Ash back during the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and got some downtime between projects to get into it. This one stood out to me, because of its fantastic title and cool art. You know me, I always judge a bookContinue reading “So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well: Review”