Custom Game Sessions Personally Built For Your Group.



Online RPG Sessions

Games run through your preferred online tabletop platform (Roll20, Foundry, Something Else) in your favorite system custom tailored for your players. Want to play a level 17 D&D 5e campaign in your homebrew setting but no one wants to DM? How about a Mutants and Masterminds one shot set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Still clinging to Pathfinder 1, but not picky about the arc? You’ve been DMing for the last 10 years and really just want to play Descent into Avernus? Lets do it.

Face to Face Gaming

Live in “The DMV” and want to invite an internet stranger to your house? I’m game if you are. Same as the online sessions, but I’ll bring physical books, way too many miniatures, maps, and dice. You just tell me where to go. If you’re too far I might bill you for the drive, but I’ve gone as far as Philly for games.

Co-GM Duties

Do you hate GM prep? Just not have time? Not sure what to do because it’s your first time? How about a couple of coaching sessions with a GM who’s run multiple games a week for the last 20 or so years. Or heck, just tell me to write some stat blocks and lore dumps. Heck, I’ll even sit in on your games and give you feedback afterwards, take notes, run combats, be a specific NPC, or Whatever helps.

Events and One Shots

I’ve run custom games designed tailored to the event for a variety of events, ranging from 12th birthdays to corporate team building. Looking for something to break up the norm for your next work outing? What if your team went and slayed some orcs and rescued the princess with the power of Teamwork. Your kid hitting a milestone birthday? What if they and their friends graduated from younglings to padawans, if they can solve some puzzles.

Play The Game Of Your Dreams.

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