Harlequin’s Guide to Cities and Poison: Review

A little back-to-back, but thanks to a cleanup of some shipping delays, my copy of Harlequin’s Guide to Cities and Poisons shipped pretty quickly compared to some other Kickstarters. No reason to wait to read it though, lets dive in. Harlequin’s is the seventh of Chamomile’s guides to everything. An urban guide to cities andContinue reading “Harlequin’s Guide to Cities and Poison: Review”

Celawyn’s Guide to Wilderness and Fey: Review

Celewyns’s Guide to Wilderness and Fey is the sixth of Chamomile’s kickstarter series of 5e zines. This one is focused on a wilderness and fey. There are a billion wilderness supplements, and none really do what I want, so I was really looking forward to this one. Chamomiles GM Guide has a ton of greatContinue reading “Celawyn’s Guide to Wilderness and Fey: Review”

So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well: Review

I picked up So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well by Ember + Ash back during the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and got some downtime between projects to get into it. This one stood out to me, because of its fantastic title and cool art. You know me, I always judge a bookContinue reading “So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well: Review”

K20 Geography

I’ve made the claim a few times that K20 doesn’t have a setting. That’s half true. By its very nature, K20 has to have something of a setting. Anytime you answer the question “Can I teleport to the moon” or “is the Earth hollow” you are defining the setting to an extend. This was touchedContinue reading “K20 Geography”

A Different Arcane Archer

There’s a reason the Avengers keep letting Hawkeye come on missions, and its the same reason WoTC puts the Arcane Archer in the Core books of basically every edition. Arcane archers are a really cool concept. For whatever reason though, they are always under powered. I guess its true what they say, “Fighters can’t haveContinue reading “A Different Arcane Archer”