Shifter: 3.5 Class

I always liked the concept of the guy who can grow claws and take on animal forms fun, but for whatever reason WoTC gave us really weak versions (Eberron’s shifters), or insisted we can’t do it until 5-6th level (Druids, wildshape rangers, various prestige classes). This was my attempt to get that online at levelContinue reading “Shifter: 3.5 Class”

A Different Elf: Races Revised

Elves are the classic race choice in fantasy RPGs. Everyone has an elf, and every game needs an elf. What is an elf? Usually magic, probably all around better than you, always has pointy ears, that sort of thing. In a bit of meta commentary though, now-a-days, what makes elves stand out is the plethoraContinue reading “A Different Elf: Races Revised”

A Different Gunslinger: PF1 Class

I’m the guns in D&D guy. We can have the argument all day, but on any merit, D&D is improved by the inclusion of guns (@ me on our discord if you disagree). The folks over at Paizo heard me, and instead of telling me no, wrote up some badass rules, and nerfed the crapContinue reading “A Different Gunslinger: PF1 Class”

Zombies: 5e House Rule

I was a little surprised to see I didn’t have this posted on the site anywhere. Zombies are really fun in fiction, and 5e’s Zombies don’t hit the mark at all. I’m not sure Zombies in D&D, or pathfinder ever really did. Zombies have one basic rule that’s really important for them. You can’t killContinue reading “Zombies: 5e House Rule”

Spellthief: 5e Rogue Archtype

5e doesn’t really have a fun counter mage. You can play a wizard with counterspell and silvery barbs sure, but then you’re a wizard who shuts down other wizards. I’m looking for the mundane characters who wrestle control of spells in effect or prevent their casting to begin with. Not out of some desire toContinue reading “Spellthief: 5e Rogue Archtype”

The Curse of Er’ Mah’ Gerd: Review

When we received a review pdf of the Curse of Er’Mah’Gerd from David Michael Williams over at, we knew right away it would be a fun time. The title alone sells the tone of the adventure, and it stands out in a landscape oversaturated with grim dark gritty realism. Er’Mah’Gerd is fun, and itContinue reading “The Curse of Er’ Mah’ Gerd: Review”