I’m Krusk. The primary author of The TTRPG Factory, and head guy. I’ve been a longtime gamer, with experience in the pen and paper world for some a bit. So much of a bit, that Krusk wasn’t an “iconic” character when I took the name, and he doesn’t seem to be anymore.

This site came about after countless hours of working on homebrew content, and talking about rpgs from the big ones to the small online, and never quite being satisfied with what was coming out. How many groups sit around and brainstorm big lofty goals, and complete homebrew systems they will totally sell once they finish it? This is my attempt to put some order to the chaos, and money where the mouth is.

I do my best to source appropriately. If you feel like I haven’t, let me know and I’ll correct or remove.

Other Folks Involved

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GiantMothMan joins us as a contributing author and reviewer. A gamer since the movie Gladiator came out, he posts when inspiration strikes… like the spear of a gladiator!

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Your Name Here: We are always looking for contributing authors. Hit us up on discord and lets chat.

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