Crimson Saber Lounge: Party

As mentioned in a few previous posts, I’ve been running a Star Wars Saga Edition game recently, and I am loving Chamomile’s Party rules. We had our first kickoff session, and launched with a party, so I thought I’d post my notes and our starter so you can see how it works in practice.


Set between episodes 3 and 4, the Dark Times, the party has been hired by a mysterious patron, Dru Lomastie to retrieve a holocron. She knows an imperial is making a drop to some bounty hunters at the Crimson Saber Lounge and has secured the squad an invitation.

DM Notes: They need to find their way to the backroom and intercept or interrupt the transfer of the holocron between Chessron, Seraff, and Jhai. Chesson has been instructed to get it to these bounty hunters who will go capture the target at its location. Wait staff are constantly going around the room, bringing food and drink from the bar to various patrons, and the party should see a loaded tray being carried through a back door (implying there is some off limits part of the party) if they are stuck.

DM Notes for Future Sessions: The 11th sister hired Seraff and Jhai, per Vader’s orders and is coordinating this handoff and operation per his spec. She is Chessron’s superior in the hierarchy and has tasked him with the handoff. She is also a traitor and has hired the party to steal the holocron for herself. She is not pro-jedi and hopes to force Yoda to give up secrets to new force powers. Yoda left the holocron hidden in the temple with instructions on how to find him, just in case a jedi came back (the opposite of Obi-Wans message, but they didn’t discuss plans).


  • Crimson Saber Lounge: Within a floating casino in orbit around Kiskua. The team is to attend a party here and intercept a handoff of a highly sensitive package. 
  • Ashas Ree: Where the Bounty Hunter is taking the holocron if they get it. The Eleventh Sister Operates from the hidden Sith temple. 
  • Kiskua: Hutt space, 5th planet from the sun w/18 moons. On the junction of 4 hyperlanes, making it a bustling space travel. 


  • Lounge Tables: There are tables set up for Sabacc and eating. Tableside service brings food and drinks. Fardo, Iomac, and Kah are currently at one.
  • Dance Floor: The Dance Floor is hopping. It’s on a raised dais three steps up and made from glass. The Under-stage lighting comes up from below and down from above making a really neat effect. Tetra, Trez, Shon and Shribbor are the notable folks.
  • Back Room: The back room is where Chalto lets folks who want some privacy entertain themselves. Chessron is currently back there with the bounty hunters discussing terms for their job.
  • Chalto and Garho travel between stations and act as “plot spurring” hosts if players seem stuck, fostering introductions and dropping hints.
starting locations in the Crimson Saber Lounge


  • Seraff Dominao – Kel Dor Bounty Hunter. 
    • Facts: 
      • Has found and turned in bounties on a dozen padawans, and 3 full jedi knights
      • Uses a Vibro-axe and specializes in hand-to-hand combat
    • Like – Expensive things, Weaponry
    • Dislike – Most human music 
    • Friend – Jhia Skaig
    • Enemy – Tetra Shax
    • Will Defense:15
    • Perception: +3
  • Chalto Shek – The Hutt host of the affair, and owner of The Crimson Saber. 
    • Facts: 
      • Chalto has a couple of backrooms set aside for guests who want some privacy to conduct business. 
      • The Crimson Saber Lounge is a hot spot bounty hunters looking for work, but also with the rich who want to be seen as dangerous.  
    • Like – Technology, Money, Flattery
    • Dislike – Dishonesty
    • Friend – Garho, The Hutt is completely fooled by Garho and wouldn’t believe their friendship isn’t mutual. 
    • Enemy – Chessron – While he is willing to work with Chessron, he chafes at the obvious implication that the empire will expand and take over. 
    • Will Defense: 18
    • Perception: +2
  • Garho Eldamal – Chalto’s MajorDomo, a Togruta man and sycophant out for power. 
    • Facts: 
      • Garho knows all of Chalto’s dealings, since he runs both sets of books for the Hutt.
      • Garho has set himself up as the next in line to inherit everything should something happen to Chalto. 
    • Like – Power, Influence
    • Dislike – Work, dishonor
    • Friend – Iomac – Garho and the Twi’lek get along famously off hours, and Iomac is a regular at the club. 
    • Enemy – Chalto, While nice to his face, Garho absolutely loathes Chalto and would do anything to embarrass him, provided he isn’t caught.
    • Will Defense: 16
    • Perception: +5
  • Shribbor
    • Facts: wookie, heiress to one of the wookie clans.
      • Shribbor was present during Order 66 on Kashyyyk, and has met Yoda
      • Shribbor has hired Trez for a few jobs now and again, and while nothing nefarious has happened, she isn’t against the idea of getting her hands dirty.
    • Like – Nature, the woods
    • Dislike – Poor translation
    • Friend – Tetra – Shribbor is part of Tetra’s entourage and is often seen accompanying her 
    • Enemy – Kah Brennatash – Kah and Shribbor have a long history of mutual dislike after (from Shribbor’s perspective) Kah cheated to win the Kachirho 300, a podracing event her family was sponsoring. 
    • Will Defense: 13
    • Perception: +2
  • Shon Marrago
    • Facts: female human bounty hunter
      • Rumor has it, Fardo and Shon used to be a pair. 
      • Shon is looking for new patrons and looks to be sizing up Tetra. 
    • Like – Bounty Hunting – Shon has a blast bounty hunting, and it clearly shows. 
    • Dislike – 
    • Friend – Shon doesn’t know anyone here, but is very outgoing and looking to expand her network. 
    • Enemy – Fardo Undirric – Fardo is way too serious a bounty hunter, and has cost Shon a couple of jobs by capitalizing on Shon playing with her prey. 
    • Will Defense: 13
    • Perception: 4
  • Kah Brennatash
    • Facts: Ace pilot, woman from Corellia
      • Kah lost her arm fleeing an imperial blockade, and would never work with them. 
      • Kah does all the work on her ships solo, without even the help of droids. 
    • Like – Racing in all forms, but particular Ocean Skiffs. 
    • Dislike – Impatient. Kah wants to get to the point, and will move conversations quickly and abruptly if someone is rambling. 
    • Friend – Iomac – Iomac sponsors Kah for a variety of big races within Hutt Space. 
    • Enemy – Kah and Shribbor have a long history of mutual dislike after (from Kah’s perspective) Shribbor’s family accused her of cheated to win the Kachirho 300, and refused to pay the prize money without extensive litigation. 
    • Will Defense: 14
    • Perception: +3
  • Chessron Tove
    • Facts: Imperial Commander
      • Chessron is known for his unusual approach, and unorthodox tactics, very often straying far outside of regulations. 
      • Chessron was one of the first Stormtroopers recruited, and helped phase out the use of clones. 
    • Like – Flattery
    • Dislike – Orders or rules imposed by non-imperials, and even then, bristles and complies only if issued by senior rank.
    • Friend – Jhia Skaig is Chessron’s go to bounty hunter, and she has vouched for Seraff Dominao. 
    • Enemy – Fardo failed to deliver a previous bounty for him, and he has blacklisted him from future work. 
    • Will Defense: 15
    • Perception: +5
  • Jhia Skaig
    • Facts: Female Mandelorian bounty hunter
      • Mandelorian outcast, she hasn’t been affiliated with any particular Mandelorian faction since she was a teen. 
      • Like all Manedlorians, Jhia’s armor houses all sorts of offensive weaponry. 
    • Like – Privacy. Questions about her personal life are irrelevant and off putting. 
    • Dislike – Small Talk
    • Friend – Seraff Dominao is her recent muscle and the two seem to be making a good name for themselves. 
    • Enemy – Other Bounty Hunters – While Jhia isn’t opposed to a team up, she considers other bounty hunters competition, and will sabotage them at any opportunity, even if they aren’t on the same job. 
    • Will Defense: 14
    • Perception: +4
  • Tetra Shax
    • Facts: Socialite and minor celebrity, musician
      • One of her songs has some anti-imperial messaging coded into it.
      • She has an album coming out in the next few weeks that she thinks will be huge
    • Like – Music theory
    • Dislike – Selfies, Fans, or engaging with the public. Although she will feign politeness if it occurs. 
    • Friend – Shribbor is a childhood friend and long time companion.
    • Enemy – While Tetra doesn’t admit to an enemy in the formal sense, her and Garho do not get along. Both will fake it if required though. 
    • Will Defense: 12
    • Perception: +2
  • Fardo Undiric
    • Facts: Bounty Hunter, male, from Coruscant
      • Fardo has done work for Chelto in the past
      • Much of Fardo’s body has been replaced with cybernetics, but he keeps exactly which parts to himself. 
    • Like – Fardo is a consummate professional and takes great pride in his work. 
    • Dislike – Fardo is for Coruscant, and never really enjoys when he has to go “into the brush” for a target.
    • Friend – Iomac has hired Fardo for general protection
    • Enemy – Chessron blacklisted him from future work over a bounty he missed out on due to Shon’s last minute showmanship. 
    • Will Defense: 15
    • Perception: +5
  • Trez Ionkap
    • Facts: M Rodian, smuggler
      • Trez flies a modified Arc-170 starfighter he got second hand from old clones and has souped up. 
      • Trez has ties to a group of rebels opposing the empire and has helped them move refugees a few times. 
    • Like – Loyalty, would do anything for his friends
    • Dislike – violence, Trez avoids violence, or the threat of it at all costs. 
    • Friend – Trez and Tetra are old friends, with Trez smuggling her, her music, or goods for Tetra as needed. 
    • Enemy – Any imperial 
    • Will Defense: 12
    • Perception: +6
  • Iomac
    • Facts: Twi’lek socialite 
      • Regular at the club, who comes here at least twice a week. 
      • Iomac has made quite a bit of money through sports betting, and it’s said he never loses. 
    • Like – Gambling, wagers and deals. Especially races, where Kah win’s him lots of money. 
    • Dislike – A fair exchange. If Iomac isn’t winning, he isn’t happy.
    • Friend – Hired Fardo for general protection. Generally considers Garho a friend.
    • Enemy – Chalto – While its Chalto’s club, Iomac has ideas about taking control (A shared, unspoken agreement with Garho)
    • Will Defense: 16
    • Perception: +4

Other NPCs

The Eleventh Sister– Mastermind, hired the party originally, under the name Dru Lomastie. Secretly an Inquisitor, who is building her own thing to seize control from Vader and the others on Ashas Ree

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