The Showroom

A showcase of completed, free, RPG products

Fixed TOB

Revisions to the 3.5 source book Tome of Battle bringing it in line with its goals.


A 3.5 prestige class that lets you have and focus on animal pet friends. Includes a conversion to the popular homebrew system The Tomes.

A Different Ranger

My take on an alternative 5e Ranger

Revised NPC Classes

Revisions to the 3.5 NPC classes


A 3.5 grappler class that can actually participate in the game.

Europa of Jupiter

My first foray into writing a from scratch RPG system. A rules light, sci-fi game set in Earth’s future. Final draft completed 2010.

Simple RPG

Simple was the first real RPG I was proud of making. At the time, 4e was pretty much the only game in town, and my wife was babysitting some kids. They had heard of D&D and wanted to give it a try, but she wanted something more rules lite for kids.

Paranormal Investigators

This is my favorite RPG I’ve written. An RPG about investigating supernatural mysteries, and going from the Scooby Gang on up.

The Mooncursed

A 5e lycanthrope class for those who want to play werewolves, and not werewolf themed barbarians.


Humanoid/Plant hybrids, in the vein of lycanthropes for use in Pathfinder.

Elemental Druids

5e compatible druid paths devoted to the elemental forces of nature.

Hangry Hangry Hippos

Hangry Hangry Hippos is a very rules light competitive roleplaying game set within the Wildlife Wrestling Confederation (WWC). 

Dead Man’s Land

A 3rd edition weird west fantasy setting with complete classes, races, and threats.


A complete 5e high tech, sci-fi space setting for your use.

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