Redcoat Smasher and the Crown of Flames

Our last session with the Vampire Lord ended on a cliffhanger. With Redcoat and Opal relaxing after their quest in the inn, late at night, with a sudden appearance of a face in the fireplace. A young woman says “Help me Redcoat, you’re my only hope”.

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The Fire Princess reached out to Redcoat after hearing of his legendary deeds and is asking for his help. It seems the Fire Giant King has made his way into the temple guarding the Crown of Flames, a magic crown made of fire that allows him to control the mighty fire beast and claim the throne. Redcoat readily agrees to help, and the Princess has him step into the fire. With assurances of safety, he does, and they are whisked to the Fire Kingdom.

The Princess towers over Redcoat, and reveals that she is an Efreeti, or Genie Princess, and her family rules the Fire Kingdom fairly and justly, but the evil Fire Giant King plans to take over and destroy everything. They hid the Crown of Flames deep within the volcano, behind guards and traps, but it looks like he will get through them any minute. She needs them to get the crown and find a way to keep it safe. Without further, discussion they volunteer to set out and put a stop to this, and she asks them to once again step into the flames. The heroes are transported to the base of the volcano and step out from pyres set at the base of a tunnel at the base of the volcano.

Once they step inside, in the front room, are three guards, who attack on site. A fire bat, a fire bender, and a magma man. This is a straightforward encounter, but Redcoat is shocked to learn his reliable fire summoning has no impact on some of these. Forced to change tactics, this fight is harder than Redcoat is expected. After dispatching them, they are presented with a branching hallway, giving three choices. Down the center hallway, is a low rumbling and loud voices, and so Redcoat opts to explore the branches first.

He finds an armory that must have been used by the original guards to supply, and immediately decides to suit up. As he goes in, Opal warns him of one suit of armor that looks to be watching them. Redcoat grabs some swords and armor, and while donning it, the suit erupts in flame and moves to attack.

The next hallway gives Redcoat a chance to flex his puzzle skills, and the end is sealed off with iron bars. On the other side is a simple room, with a chest sitting upon a raised dais. The Cheep Cheep can fit through the bars but cannot bring the chest back. Redcoat is able to pick the lock, and again on the chest itself. When opened, instead of treasure, a smoky figure rises out of the chest, and thanks Redcoat for freeing him. He explains that the Princess had locked him here as punishment, but he is happy to be free. At first Redcoat refuses to let him go, but after a negotiation, the figure is allowed to go on his way in exchange for 5 gold coins and 2 healing potions.

This leaves us with the central main chamber. Redcoat and Opal make their way down the passage to reveal the magma chamber. Standing on an island in the center is the Fire Giant King, (a foe chosen based on my son’s love of the mini) arms outreached and summoning something. Two magma beasts engage the party, while the Giant finally summons the beast.

Originally intended to be a dragon, my son demanded I use a giant beholder mini I have instead. The Magma eye beast is summoned and flies around but is unable to bring its flaming eyes to bear. Redcoat corrals it with his walls of fire and keeps it from gaining line of sight while Opal dispatches the magma beasts. The enraged Giant King wades through the magma launching balls of fire at the party, but Redcoat charges and lands a critical strike, laying him low before he can engage with his massive sword.

Grabbing the crown, Redcoat and Opal debate the best way to keep it safe. They debate for a while about burying it, locking it back in the volcano, and ultimately decide that Redcoat should wear it. I’m sure the fact that it enhances his fire powers had nothing to do with that decision….

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