Redcoat Smasher and the Crown of Flames

Our last session with the Vampire Lord ended on a cliffhanger. With Redcoat and Opal relaxing after their quest in the inn, late at night, with a sudden appearance of a face in the fireplace. A young woman says “Help me Redcoat, you’re my only hope”. The Fire Princess reached out to Redcoat after hearingContinue reading “Redcoat Smasher and the Crown of Flames”

Kessler’s Guide to Dungeons: Review

Kessler’s Guide to Dungeons is the eighth of Chamomile’s guides to everything. In a change of pace, this book is devoted to a single topic. Dungeons. It’s a big topic in D&D (one of the D’s even) and so it makes sense that there’s a lot to say here. Even more, considering there is bothContinue reading “Kessler’s Guide to Dungeons: Review”

Metallic Dragons Revised

As the guy whose posted a ton about dragons, I get asked about the other draconic types quite a bit. Everyone has a pet favorite they want to get stats, or a revised take on, and I’m with them. My favorite are Pathfinder’s outer dragons, and maybe one day I’ll get to a point whereContinue reading “Metallic Dragons Revised”

White Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to white dragons in 5e. White Dragon Lair White dragons are the least intelligent, and most animalistic of the dragons. They prowl the icy tundra of the coldest regions on the material plane, hunting mastodons and rhemoraz, and while they are still dragons and happy to horde treasure, instead they mostlyContinue reading “White Dragons, 5e”

Green Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to green dragons in 5e. Green Dragon Lair Green dragons live in forests. For whatever reason, there is a temptation to make them friendly, Snow-White-esque nature lovers. Their powers support it, but keep in mind. They are chromatic dragons, who are described as the most cunning and treacherous of dragons. GreenContinue reading “Green Dragons, 5e”

Blue Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to blue dragons in 5e. Blue Dragon Lair Whereas black dragons hide in swamps, blue dragons rule deserts. Hiding isn’t an option, and they make minimal effort to do so. Instead, their lairs focus around showy, high impact effects. Their hex is always under the effect of thunderstorms, and dust devilsContinue reading “Blue Dragons, 5e”

Black Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our first 5e guide to dragons. Keeping in our alphabetical order approach, we begin with Black Dragons. Black Dragon Lair Generally speaking, black dragons live in swamps, and use their lair to great effect. When running a black dragon, any encounter in the hex should take twice as long to travel through dueContinue reading “Black Dragons, 5e”

Dragons, What’s Next

Wow. Looking back, I’ve been talking about dragons since June on here, and its mid December. That’s 6 months of weekly dragon stats, mechanics, and lore. The most common question I get is “Why not 5e?” followed by “Ok, but when 5e?” and I’ll provide some answers. Why not 5e? First, from a practical standpoint.Continue reading “Dragons, What’s Next”

White Dragons Pt. 5

Wyrm white dragons are the campaign enders, and world shakers. These are some of the most powerful beings in existence, and entire plots can revolve around avoiding them, not encountering them. Wyrm, Hra, CR19 The long slumbering Hra is an epic dragon who should not be awoken. She has slept beneath her glacial home forContinue reading “White Dragons Pt. 5”