Barbarian: Revisited

In the Class: Revisited series, I’ll be posting some simple revisions to the various classes based on experiences with my group, and those I’ve talked with. We won’t hit all 13 classes, as some are fine, and some I don’t have a good answer for, but in general these are some suggested changes that shouldContinue reading “Barbarian: Revisited”

Aspect Giants

Homebrew Giants for use with the 5e house rules found in Chamomile‚Äôs Guide to Everything Ogre Race The Ogre race are the prototypical Giants, and the bare minimum to be considered a Giant and pass the smell test. While perfectly viable as starting characters, many players wishing to play giants will often select one orContinue reading “Aspect Giants”

Elemental Resistances

Reading through Caspar’s got me thinking about the lack of resistances and vulnerabilities in 5e. Chamomile makes a solid point, in that they just aren’t used, and the approach in Caspar’s works well enough, but it’s got some edge cases where you’ve got to eyeball a few situations. I’m always a fan of getting ridContinue reading “Elemental Resistances”

Caspar’s Guide to Elementals: Review

Caspar’s Guide to Elementals is the ninth of Chamomile’s guides to everything. This zine focusses on elementals, obviously, but also the elemental adjacent creatures you see in games. Think Genies, Giants, and the like. I’m working off a hard copy for the review with screenshots cropped from the pdf (with permission). You can pick oneContinue reading “Caspar’s Guide to Elementals: Review”

Tiered Subclass: Variant

Spawned from another 5e gripe session, the Tiered Subclass Variant came about as an attempt to solve a few 5e complaints I have. Primarily, 5e characters don’t get a lot of choices when they level up, especially late games. Secondarily, some subclasses are effective but boring. Picking other options feels bad from an optimization standpoint,Continue reading “Tiered Subclass: Variant”

Devil’s Advocate: Review

Devils have long been a favorite fantasy monster of mine, and especially the dealmaker archtype. Most fantasy games usually spend some lip service towards the idea that one could make a deal with the devil, but there’s rarely mechanical rules with impact for doing so. Most often, it’s handled offscreen or by DM fiat. IContinue reading “Devil’s Advocate: Review”

Lost Prison of Eternity

The Lost Prison of Eternity is our newest DMs Guild product. An adventure spawned after reading about the dearth of high level 5e adventures. The Lost Prison was written from the ground up with high level concepts at its base and should stretch even the cleverest spellcaster’s utility belts. Its PWYW on the DMs guild,Continue reading “Lost Prison of Eternity”

Kessler’s Guide to Dungeons: Review

Kessler’s Guide to Dungeons is the eighth of Chamomile’s guides to everything. In a change of pace, this book is devoted to a single topic. Dungeons. It’s a big topic in D&D (one of the D’s even) and so it makes sense that there’s a lot to say here. Even more, considering there is bothContinue reading “Kessler’s Guide to Dungeons: Review”

Harlequin’s Guide to Cities and Poison: Review

A little back-to-back, but thanks to a cleanup of some shipping delays, my copy of Harlequin’s Guide to Cities and Poisons shipped pretty quickly compared to some other Kickstarters. No reason to wait to read it though, lets dive in. Harlequin’s is the seventh of Chamomile’s guides to everything. An urban guide to cities andContinue reading “Harlequin’s Guide to Cities and Poison: Review”