K20 Geography

I’ve made the claim a few times that K20 doesn’t have a setting. That’s half true. By its very nature, K20 has to have something of a setting. Anytime you answer the question “Can I teleport to the moon” or “is the Earth hollow” you are defining the setting to an extend. This was touchedContinue reading “K20 Geography”

A Different Arcane Archer

There’s a reason the Avengers keep letting Hawkeye come on missions, and its the same reason WoTC puts the Arcane Archer in the Core books of basically every edition. Arcane archers are a really cool concept. For whatever reason though, they are always under powered. I guess its true what they say, “Fighters can’t haveContinue reading “A Different Arcane Archer”

K20 Economics

Tiers play a strong role throughout K20, and one way this is reflected is in the economics. There will be a point in K20, where your character doesn’t care about gold anymore. You have “enough” and can buy essentially whatever you need. This is strongly influenced by the Economicon, and if you’re familiar, this willContinue reading “K20 Economics”

Thaemin’s Guide to Gods and Miracles: Review

Thaemin’s Guide to Gods and Miracles is the fifth of Chamomile’s kickstarter series of 5e zines. This one is focused on a divinity and gods, a consistent miss from most RPGs. I was pretty excited to back this one, based on my assessment of his other works. I’ve got a hard copy like normal, andContinue reading “Thaemin’s Guide to Gods and Miracles: Review”

Brac’s Guide to Piracy: Review

Brac’s Guide to Piracy is the fourth of Chamomile’s ongoing series of kickstarter 5e zines. Each of which is focused on a specific topic of D&D, this one, obviously, is focused around piracy. A topic near and dear to my heart. I’ve run countless pirate campaigns, and campaigns that turned into pirate campaigns, and theContinue reading “Brac’s Guide to Piracy: Review”

The Blighted Circle

Dr. Blight: I hate clean air, it makes people so healthy. But we’ll soon have a remedy for that, won’t we? A druid does not generally seek out the Blighted Circle. No, they are cast into it. When a druid violates the central tenants of their circle in a severe enough manner, they are castContinue reading “The Blighted Circle”

A Different Artificer

WoTC has had three versions of the artificer released for the fifth edition, and enough attempts at third and fourth that it’s time for me to call it. A consistent complaint I’ve had with artificers over the years is that I don’t particularly want to be a spellcaster. I want to tinker with magic items,Continue reading “A Different Artificer”