Redcoat Smasher and the Silver Dragon

It’s time for another entry in the adventures of Redcoat Smasher, a game I run for my 5-year-old and wife using my Game for Kids rules. After helping the fire princess, and promising to keep the crown of flames safe, Redcoat, Opal Moonstone, and Cheep Cheep (now a blackbird named Cheep Cheep, instead of someContinue reading “Redcoat Smasher and the Silver Dragon”

Redcoat Smasher and the Crown of Flames

Our last session with the Vampire Lord ended on a cliffhanger. With Redcoat and Opal relaxing after their quest in the inn, late at night, with a sudden appearance of a face in the fireplace. A young woman says “Help me Redcoat, you’re my only hope”. The Fire Princess reached out to Redcoat after hearingContinue reading “Redcoat Smasher and the Crown of Flames”

Redcoat Smasher and the Mystery of the Vampire Lord

I may have unleashed a monster. D&D is about all that has been talked about in the house since our first game with my son a week prior. I finally convinced him that it takes a little bit of prep, and I can’t just slide it in on a whim, so now he thinks it’sContinue reading “Redcoat Smasher and the Mystery of the Vampire Lord”