The Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds serve as the testing beds for new technology. Ours contains in-progress works, partially finished ideas, incomplete subsystems, along with reviews and evaluations of products, both my own and others.

Rogue Modrons

Rogue Modron A construction option for player characters. Modrons society is the epitome of law and order. Each construct has an assigned job, and task and performs it well. Sometimes, a Modron is separated from the group, and after a certain amount of time, things start to slip. This Modron begins to have to makeContinue reading “Rogue Modrons”

Spellwarp – Threats

Spellwarp Threats Modified Existing Creatures New Trait: Void Immunity. This creature is immune to the harmful effects of void exposure and can survive indefinitely. If they have a fly or swim speed, they are able to travel within the void.  Aboleth Aboleth are solitary creatures, known for traveling the void seeking isolation. Aboleth in SpellwarpContinue reading “Spellwarp – Threats”


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