The Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds serve as the testing beds for new technology. Ours contains in-progress works, partially finished ideas, incomplete subsystems, along with reviews and evaluations of products, both my own and others.

K20 Geography

I’ve made the claim a few times that K20 doesn’t have a setting. That’s half true. By its very nature, K20 has to have something of a setting. Anytime you answer the question “Can I teleport to the moon” or “is the Earth hollow” you are defining the setting to an extend. This was touchedContinue reading “K20 Geography”

A Different Arcane Archer

There’s a reason the Avengers keep letting Hawkeye come on missions, and its the same reason WoTC puts the Arcane Archer in the Core books of basically every edition. Arcane archers are a really cool concept. For whatever reason though, they are always under powered. I guess its true what they say, “Fighters can’t haveContinue reading “A Different Arcane Archer”

Fairy Tale Endings

With the release of the pending Feywild 5e book, I thought it was time to finish Fairy Tale Endings. My book of expanded fey, including additional monsters, lore, and loads of quest ideas. You can get it on the DMs Guild today!

Dark Chrome: Review

I always like to browse the web for indie RPGs and came across Dark Chrome a little bit ago. I downloaded it, and had it sitting in my “to read” pile for a little bit and just got a chance to get into it recently. Its a Cyberpunk game using the open-sourced 864 rules systemContinue reading “Dark Chrome: Review”

K20 Religion

Religion and the divine are an important part of most fantasy settings, and K20 is no different. While K20 doesn’t have a direct setting with elaborate lore, mechanical choices inherently build a bit of a setting, and in order to flesh out the classic D&D tropes of spells like raise dead, we had to answerContinue reading “K20 Religion”

K20 Economics

Tiers play a strong role throughout K20, and one way this is reflected is in the economics. There will be a point in K20, where your character doesn’t care about gold anymore. You have “enough” and can buy essentially whatever you need. This is strongly influenced by the Economicon, and if you’re familiar, this willContinue reading “K20 Economics”


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