The Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds serve as the testing beds for new technology. Ours contains in-progress works, partially finished ideas, incomplete subsystems, along with reviews and evaluations of products, both my own and others.

Duskblade: 5e Class

The Duskblade came about after a discussion of 5e’s limit on new classes to 13. My contention is that it’s a seemingly arbitrary limit. Why 13? Why not 15, or 5? How different really is a Paladin compared to a Cleric with the War Domain, from a lore perspective. And how about a War ClericContinue reading “Duskblade: 5e Class”

Scout: Ranger Subclass

The Scout came about because I wanted a ranger who uses their companion less as a meat shield, and more as a tool. The falconer ranger who can send his companion out to scout ahead and gets more out of it than simply “it’s a bird”. The Scout A scout is the master of infiltration.Continue reading “Scout: Ranger Subclass”

Planebreaker: Review

Planebreaker has a really exciting pitch, something Monte Cook Games excels at. A cursed moon blasting through the multiverse, ripping holes in reality, allowing travel across not only the planes themselves, but any and all dimensions. This fits the vibe for their Numenera and general Cypher system settings pretty well, with the idea of multipleContinue reading “Planebreaker: Review”


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