The Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds serve as the testing beds for new technology. Ours contains in-progress works, partially finished ideas, incomplete subsystems, along with reviews and evaluations of products, both my own and others.

The Beast Type

A lot of players may not realize this, unless they are playing a druid, or someone with polymorph, but 5e has a problem. DMs who do a lot of world building know it, and once I point it out, it will drive you up a wall. The Beast type is nonsensical, and also empty. AndContinue reading “The Beast Type”

White Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to white dragons in 5e. White Dragon Lair White dragons are the least intelligent, and most animalistic of the dragons. They prowl the icy tundra of the coldest regions on the material plane, hunting mastodons and rhemoraz, and while they are still dragons and happy to horde treasure, instead they mostlyContinue reading “White Dragons, 5e”

Red Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to red dragons in 5e. Red Dragon Lair Red dragons are the iconic of the iconic, living big statuesque lives in big statuesque places. Its tempting to have them live in any mountainous region, but to really make them stand out, you should be focusing them in a volcano. Most campaignsContinue reading “Red Dragons, 5e”

Green Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to green dragons in 5e. Green Dragon Lair Green dragons live in forests. For whatever reason, there is a temptation to make them friendly, Snow-White-esque nature lovers. Their powers support it, but keep in mind. They are chromatic dragons, who are described as the most cunning and treacherous of dragons. GreenContinue reading “Green Dragons, 5e”


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