The Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds serve as the testing beds for new technology. Ours contains in-progress works, partially finished ideas, incomplete subsystems, along with reviews and evaluations of products, both my own and others.

5e Condition Tracks

I’m a big fan of condition tracks, and alternate win conditions outside of just dealing piles of HP damage until death. Since I’ve been playing Star Wars Saga Edition a lot lately, I’ve rediscovered my love of their condition track. It’s an elegant solution to the problem D&D games have where a creature is eitherContinue reading “5e Condition Tracks”

Use the Force: Saga

I’ve been playing a bit of Star Wars Saga Edition lately and dug out a lot of my old house rules and ideas from when we played all the time. Some, like Astrogate are back in circulation, and others are… not. One area my group always complained about, and I’ve had relatively positive feedback around,Continue reading “Use the Force: Saga”

Parties: House Rule

Chamomile introduced some party rules for 5e in Irena’s Guide which I discussed here. They are pretty solid, and I won’t pretend I’m original. I’ve used parties to launch my last two games, but neither were 5e. Instead, I did some quick conversions to 3e, and Star Wars Saga edition, and they have been someContinue reading “Parties: House Rule”


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