Yer’a Wizard

‘Wand, magic sand, one Turkish massage owl . . . where can I ever obtain such obscurities?’

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The Academy Wizard Class

The Academy wizard is a homebrew 3.5 character class designed for a campaign set within the world of teens whisked away to a magical school. You get the setting, so I won’t elaborate on that. The intent is for all players to play this class, and so the core is modified to broaden and limit specific areas allowing for more unique builds without stepping on other player’s toes.

I’ve yet to get the game to happen, but my prep has been building over the years and I figured I’d share where I got so far in case anyone else wants it.

  • HD – D4
  • Class Skills – 4+int. All skills are class skills
  • Base Attack Bonus – Poor (as wizard)
  • Base Fort, reflex Will – As Wizard
  • Spells Per Day – As Sorcerer
  • Spells Known – As Sorcerer

Class Features: Characters gain a level at the start of each academic year. 

  1. Spellcasting
  2. Cantrips 
  3. Expecto Patronum
  4. Bonded Object
  5. There are no more class features. Just get more spells, better familiars, and more HP if your school has 20 years for students somehow.

Spellcasting: An Academy Wizard gains spells like a sorcerer but has a notable distinction in what ability score applies to what values. 

  • Intelligence – Used to determine bonus spells per day due to high ability scores, and maximum spell level spell available.
  • Wisdom – Used to determine save DCs.
  • Charisma – You can add your charisma score as a bonus to saving throws against any spells.
One variant I've considered is to encourage spell school specialization. I think it will really broaden the spell selection and help make each PC more unique. I also think it's a bit out of lore for students to sit in a classroom, but not learn the same thing.

Cantrips: An Academy Wizard can cast their cantrips, level 0 spells, unlimited times per day at the start of the second year. 

Expecto Patronum: you can summon a familiar as per the wizard class feature. 

Bonded Object: You gain the Item Familiar feat for free, in addition to your normal familiar.

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