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Barbarian: Revisited

In the Class: Revisited series, I’ll be posting some simple revisions to the various classes based on experiences with my group, and those I’ve talked with. We won’t hit all 13 classes, as some are fine, and some I don’t have a good answer for, but in general these are some suggested changes that shouldContinue reading “Barbarian: Revisited”

Aspect Giants

Homebrew Giants for use with the 5e house rules found in Chamomile‚Äôs Guide to Everything Ogre Race The Ogre race are the prototypical Giants, and the bare minimum to be considered a Giant and pass the smell test. While perfectly viable as starting characters, many players wishing to play giants will often select one orContinue reading “Aspect Giants”

Metroville: Preview

The Creator of Metroville reached out and sent a preview pdf of their upcoming game (Kickstarter launches Jan 11) and asked for our thoughts. Metroville is a superhero RPG designed to focus on the comic book elements more so than the grind of battle. Superhero games are a great concept, and IMO one that’s hardContinue reading “Metroville: Preview”

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