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City of Mist: Review

Giantmothman reviews City of Mist, an urban high fantasy, noir TTRPG from Son of Oak Game Studios.

Cy_Borg: Review

Hip gamers will know that Mork Borg is the indie darling of the last few years (See Mothman’s thoughts here). It has spawned endless variants, settings, and add on rules. They even put out their own game license, and essentially let anyone remix and add to it. There’s a lot of stuff you can use…

Gnolls: 5e Race

I went to build a classic PC I’ve done a thousand times over the years, a gnoll ranger, when I realized Gnolls aren’t a 5e player option. Well that’s silly, there is now. Of note, I have minimal interest in the demon aspects of gnolls WoTC has been pushing as of late. I’m much more…

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