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Five Parsecs from Home Review

Giantmothman reviews Five Parsec from Home, a sci-fi themed solo adventure wargame with RPG elements by @Modiphius

Pacing your RPG

According to some stats I saw online (someone quoted them, I looked them up and confirmed, then wrote this idea in my to do list before promptly deleting any of my validation work and references…), the average D&D play instance lasts for seven, four-hour sessions. Play instance is a tem I’ll use to differentiate between…

Old School Initiative: House Rule

I’ve been reading some 2e D&D and older RPGs lately, and one idea that jumps out at me as something we might want to revisit is an older method for initiative. Generally, what I’ve seen is asking the players to declare their actions, and then playing things out in the order declared. Some things take…

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