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Shifter: 3.5 Class

I always liked the concept of the guy who can grow claws and take on animal forms fun, but for whatever reason WoTC gave us really weak versions (Eberron’s shifters), or insisted we can’t do it until 5-6th level (Druids, wildshape rangers, various prestige classes). This was my attempt to get that online at level…

Battlesmith: 3.5 Class

The battlesmith is an old 3.5 class I wrote back in the day to fill the niche of “Artificer, but not a spellcaster”, which as I’m writing this now, I realize is something I come back to a lot. Theres something about a guy who swings a hammer, and makes stuff, that WoTC insists has…

A Different Elf: Races Revised

Elves are the classic race choice in fantasy RPGs. Everyone has an elf, and every game needs an elf. What is an elf? Usually magic, probably all around better than you, always has pointy ears, that sort of thing. In a bit of meta commentary though, now-a-days, what makes elves stand out is the plethora…

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