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The Beast Type

A lot of players may not realize this, unless they are playing a druid, or someone with polymorph, but 5e has a problem. DMs who do a lot of world building know it, and once I point it out, it will drive you up a wall. The Beast type is nonsensical, and also empty. AndContinue reading “The Beast Type”

White Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to white dragons in 5e. White Dragon Lair White dragons are the least intelligent, and most animalistic of the dragons. They prowl the icy tundra of the coldest regions on the material plane, hunting mastodons and rhemoraz, and while they are still dragons and happy to horde treasure, instead they mostlyContinue reading “White Dragons, 5e”

Review of The Dream Prison

After my last review of a Menagerie Press product, I signed myself up for notifications and backed a second as soon as it was announced. This is two for two for them with the sort of high concept D&D I’m a sucker for. And once again, they don’t make you wait until level 20 toContinue reading “Review of The Dream Prison”

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