Druid Circle of Land: Houserule

I’ve been mulling over a general dissatisfaction with Druids for some time now and I think it boils down not actually feeling like I’m in touch with nature. I landed at the idea of potentially writing a new subclass that’s really in touch with the terrain and the world around them, and got so farContinue reading “Druid Circle of Land: Houserule”

Mephits: K20 Lore

Similar to elementals, mephitis are small elementals native to a variety of elemental planes. While diminutive in size, and individually essentially not a threat, mephitis tend to gather in mobs or similar types and can be formidable in this manner. They have a tendency to be lazy, unmotivated, cheap to hire, and resilient, which makesContinue reading “Mephits: K20 Lore”

Outlanders & Explorers: 5e

For a game that coined the term “Three Pillars”, 5e sure loves to let folks ignore two of them. The exploration pillar, while not outright ignored like the roleplay pillar, doesn’t get a lot of love when compared to the combat pillar. There’s a bit about tracking overland movement in the DMG that’s pretty good,Continue reading “Outlanders & Explorers: 5e”

SR-16 Retrospective on Indie Games

SR-16, author of previously reviewed Space Street, reached out to me a little bit ago with an essay they put together analyzing a trend in indie RPGs on Itch. They focus on one of their games that followed it, where it went wrong, and another similar game that did it right (by someone else). WhileContinue reading “SR-16 Retrospective on Indie Games”

Goodliness, Godliness, and Dragons

Soapbox time. An ongoing gripe of mine, is the seemingly constant confusion around what good, godliness, and gods mean in D&D. See, many folks assume D&D works like Christianity, and the only difference is God is now the gods. The gods made the world, people who do good things get to go to a GoodContinue reading “Goodliness, Godliness, and Dragons”

3.5 House Rules

I mention that I often run 3.5 games, and we have reached an era where I can’t just assume everyone has played before. This leads to interesting conversations with folks who hear about the cool stuff I’m talking about and want to try it themselves. 3e is also notorious for DMs with reams and reamsContinue reading “3.5 House Rules”

Playtesting Dead Man’s Land

A little peek into some of the playtesting that went into Dead Man’s Land. One of the tools used was a Same Game Test, a concept IIRC invented by a user who I believe doesn’t wish to be credited anymore. So it’s not my idea, but it’s also no ones I guess… It’s a greatContinue reading “Playtesting Dead Man’s Land”