Crimson Saber Lounge: Party

As mentioned in a few previous posts, I’ve been running a Star Wars Saga Edition game recently, and I am loving Chamomile’s Party rules. We had our first kickoff session, and launched with a party, so I thought I’d post my notes and our starter so you can see how it works in practice. PlotContinue reading “Crimson Saber Lounge: Party”

Use the Force: Saga

I’ve been playing a bit of Star Wars Saga Edition lately and dug out a lot of my old house rules and ideas from when we played all the time. Some, like Astrogate are back in circulation, and others are… not. One area my group always complained about, and I’ve had relatively positive feedback around,Continue reading “Use the Force: Saga”

Astrogate: Saga

I was digging through my old Star Wars Saga Edition notes for a potential new game and found my old astrogate rules. The existing rules are relatively simple, but don’t give a satisfying outcome. You always get where you need to go in 1d6*X Days. Travel distances don’t really matter, and your spaceship feels moreContinue reading “Astrogate: Saga”