The Curse of Er’ Mah’ Gerd: Review

When we received a review pdf of the Curse of Er’Mah’Gerd from David Michael Williams over at, we knew right away it would be a fun time. The title alone sells the tone of the adventure, and it stands out in a landscape oversaturated with grim dark gritty realism. Er’Mah’Gerd is fun, and itContinue reading “The Curse of Er’ Mah’ Gerd: Review”

Flabbergasted: Review

The fine folks over at the Wanderer’s Tome sent us a copy of Flabbergasted, a hilarious roleplaying game inspired by things like Fawlty Towers and other fascial upper society folks. In Flabbergasted, you take on the role of one of four archetypes, join a social club (maybe a secret one?), and cultivate your reputation whileContinue reading “Flabbergasted: Review”

La Notte Eterna: Preview

La Notte Eterna is an upcoming Kickstarter by the Italian group, Ali Ribelli Edizioni launching today! To celebrate, they sent us some preview material, and we thought we’d take a look through it and share some sneak peaks with you. La Notte Eterna is a high fantasy setting where the sun no longer rises asContinue reading “La Notte Eterna: Preview”

Cy_Borg: Review

Hip gamers will know that Mork Borg is the indie darling of the last few years (See Mothman’s thoughts here). It has spawned endless variants, settings, and add on rules. They even put out their own game license, and essentially let anyone remix and add to it. There’s a lot of stuff you can useContinue reading “Cy_Borg: Review”

Planebreaker: Review

Planebreaker has a really exciting pitch, something Monte Cook Games excels at. A cursed moon blasting through the multiverse, ripping holes in reality, allowing travel across not only the planes themselves, but any and all dimensions. This fits the vibe for their Numenera and general Cypher system settings pretty well, with the idea of multipleContinue reading “Planebreaker: Review”