Spellwarp – Threats

Spellwarp Threats Modified Existing Creatures New Trait: Void Immunity. This creature is immune to the harmful effects of void exposure and can survive indefinitely. If they have a fly or swim speed, they are able to travel within the void.  Aboleth Aboleth are solitary creatures, known for traveling the void seeking isolation. Aboleth in SpellwarpContinue reading “Spellwarp – Threats”

Spellwarp – A Cosmic Gazetteer

The Spellwarp setting is home to a wide variety of civilizations, and just like Toril they are organized by nations, in this case called Systems. Unlike Toril, a System usually contains several Spheres, which in turn contain several planets, which in turn contain several continents. Due to the scale of conflict, most of the governmentsContinue reading “Spellwarp – A Cosmic Gazetteer”

Spellwarp – Sailing the Cosmic Seas

Voidship Rules Voidships follow the same basic rules as the ships found in Ghosts of Saltmarsh Appendix A with exceptions for 3 dimensional movement.  Because Voidships can move in three dimensions, movement now allows for raising or lowering in height compared to their previous position based on the maneuverability granted by their helm. Any shipContinue reading “Spellwarp – Sailing the Cosmic Seas”

Spellwarp – Player’s Options

Classes Any class is suitable for a Spellwarp campaign. If you have access to supplements, there are a lot of star themed subclasses which are perfect for a Spellwarp game. If none of them jump out at you, some new subclasses have been included below to  help add a little Spellwarp flavor to your character. Continue reading “Spellwarp – Player’s Options”

Spellwarp – Races of the Warp

Races We recommend using the variant rules found in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Because they are a variant, we are presenting traditional stat blocks that you can modify easily following that formula. These should reflect general trends, not absolutes.   Humans  Mechnically, humans in Spellwarp use the same statistics as the humans from the Player’s Handbook.Continue reading “Spellwarp – Races of the Warp”

Spellwarp – The Worlds of the Warp

The World(s) of the Warp There are worlds beyond worlds—cold, hot, light, dark, watery, and earthen. They all share one basic need—a need for heroes. — Elminster Aumar When thinking of Spellwarp, it may help to imagine the void of outer space. While helpful in some scenarios, it can be misleading in others. As aContinue reading “Spellwarp – The Worlds of the Warp”


Sailing the Cosmic Seas Spellwarp is a new take on a classic Dungeons & Dragons campaign concept. Fantastic retro-futuristic sci-fi adventures, built on a framework of classic swords and sorcery foundation. Spellwap games draw inspiration from classics like Flash Gordon, or Star Wars, or modern interpretations such as Treasure Planet. With that signature Dungeons andContinue reading “Spellwarp”