La Notte Eterna: Preview

La Notte Eterna is an upcoming Kickstarter by the Italian group, Ali Ribelli Edizioni launching today! To celebrate, they sent us some preview material, and we thought we’d take a look through it and share some sneak peaks with you. La Notte Eterna is a high fantasy setting where the sun no longer rises asContinue reading “La Notte Eterna: Preview”

Overlight: Review

Occasionally a tabletop role playing game will appear out of nowhere and immediately distance itself from its peers. Today‚Äôs review, Overlight, is perhaps the quintessential example of unconventional fantasy. It has been sitting on the back burner of my review schedule for some time, yet never out of mind. Today is the day to getContinue reading “Overlight: Review”

Kickstarter Potential Layoffs

Gizmodo is reporting via direct communications with Kickstarter that the platform is making plans to cut as much as 45% of its staff. Kickstarter has been huge in the TTRPG space, letting small-time shops get enough funding for professional looking, self published games, modules, and accessories. I’d say its been a game changer, compared toContinue reading “Kickstarter Potential Layoffs”