Blue Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to blue dragons in 5e.

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Blue Dragon Lair

Whereas black dragons hide in swamps, blue dragons rule deserts. Hiding isn’t an option, and they make minimal effort to do so. Instead, their lairs focus around showy, high impact effects. Their hex is always under the effect of thunderstorms, and dust devils (essentially air elementals) roam free attacking whatever they encounter and driving away any who hope to encroach. The dragon’s region is also magically susceptible to sinkholes, which can be fairly deadly (DC 20 wisdom perception to spot them), especially for a lower level party.

Blue dragon lair actions lend themselves to an indoor fight, within a large cave. Maybe a hallowed out plateau, or deep in a canyon. Their lairs have ceiling collapses, dust clouds, and arcing lightning from pillars. Fighting a blue dragon should feel like a dog fight within a canyon between some hotshot pilots. It flies fast and dodges, and you just hope you can get out of the way of the chaos.

Blue Dragon Tactics

Blue dragons have a burrow speed, which seems counter to the high speed jet analogies earlier. But bear in mind, their fly speed is one of the fastest, and their burrow speed is super slow. That burrow speed is not to allow them to dig tunnels, but they could and will use it for lair building. No, in combat, that burrow speed is for when being chased in hot pursuit, they know there is actually no risk to them flying into a wall. They just dive right into it safely, much to the surprise of their foe who is hot on their tail. If chasing a hot shot flying opponent, the blue dragon can just burrow through obstacles they can’t get around, while their lair actions cause rocks to fall, or arcs of lightning to fire.

Blue dragons rely heavily on their breath weapon fight fights. Since they try to stay mobile and active, this is their primary weapon, and they will dart far away while it recharges before circling back on strafing runs.

Blue Dragon Spells

Blue dragons love mobility spells, and evocation spells. Since they are high fliers, its nice to have something in reserve for when their breath weapon hasn’t recharged.

Dragon TypeCR of DragonSpells Known
Wyrmling3Magic Missile, Witch Bolt
Young9 Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Sleet Storm
Adult16 Cone of Cold, Hold Monster, Telekinesis, Wall of Stone
Ancient23 Delayed Blast Fireball, Etherealness, Fire Storm, Reverse Gravity, Teleport

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