Dragons, What’s Next

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Wow. Looking back, I’ve been talking about dragons since June on here, and its mid December. That’s 6 months of weekly dragon stats, mechanics, and lore. The most common question I get is “Why not 5e?” followed by “Ok, but when 5e?” and I’ll provide some answers.

Why not 5e? First, from a practical standpoint. I started a homebrew project called “Dragon Book” in early 2017, according to the word doc. At the time, my main group hadn’t considered a 5e game, let alone converted. We were, and may still be, dedicated 3e D&D fans. Lately we have dipped around a little more, but broadly speaking, I don’t think you could say we have pulled the plug yet. So when I started the site, I wanted content I could put out on a regular basis. That project was ~50% done, and I figured I could finish it off, polish it up and use it for some consistent content. Not the most dramatic answer, but some decisions are just practical.

Second, and here’s your hot take, in my opinion, the 5e dragons just aren’t as interesting. They are smaller, spells are optional, and they don’t have nearly the wide variety of powers the 3e ones do. Especially in regards to worldbuilding. The DM can add some stuff, and homebrew some others to fill the gaps, but they are just less exciting to me.

As for when 5e? Well, now that we are done the series on dragons, I’m going to do the same effort for 5e. I don’t plan to go line by line, but I will be doing one entry per color through the 5e dragon line up. There are a lot less age categories in 5e for dragons, so I don’t anticipate more than a single post being needed. Its also beneficial in this one specific instance, that monster stats aren’t modified by a consistent system, and just by DM house rule. So I won’t be needing to generate stats or loot, because you can use the monster manual for those. Ill focus on habitat, lair, and tactics. I do strongly recommend you add spells to 5e dragons, and will include sample spell selections that complement each type and age group.

To follow along with this project as it goes on, entries have been tagged with the dragon tag.

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