Green Dragons, 5e

Welcome to our guide to green dragons in 5e.

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Green Dragon Lair

Green dragons live in forests. For whatever reason, there is a temptation to make them friendly, Snow-White-esque nature lovers. Their powers support it, but keep in mind. They are chromatic dragons, who are described as the most cunning and treacherous of dragons. Green dragons live in the forest, sure, but so do wolves. Instead of finding inspiration from Disney’s Snow White for the character, look to the dark and twisted fey mythology.

When within a mile of a green dragons lair, the forest itself conspires against you. Magically reinforced thickets grow preventing movement and sight, and tracking is impossible. Furthermore, those birds and squirrels Snow White sings with? Those are the dragons eyes and ears, reporting in on your activity. A green dragon only fights on its terms. If you do manage to fight one in its lair, the greenery around you will burst free and grab or block your movement. Sometimes even trapping you within and suffocating you.

Green Dragon Tactic

To make the most use of their lair and regional effects, green dragons rely heavily on their breath weapon. Its a gaseous cone, and easily passes through the dense maze of foliage, poisoning its prey. They favor spells that conceal the dragon, and ensnare their foes. Green dragons only reveal themselves once all foes are bound and helpless, just enough to finish off their enemies. Green dragon’s don’t fight fair.

Green Dragon Spells

Green dragons favor spells that bog their opponents down and restrict movement or vision. Typically transmutation, but conjuration and illusion are also popular.

Dragon TypeCR of DragonSpells Known
Young8Mirror Image, Misty Step
Adult15Confusion, Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility
Ancient22Etherealness, Prismatic Spray, Reverse Gravity, Teleport

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