5e Condition Tracks

I’m a big fan of condition tracks, and alternate win conditions outside of just dealing piles of HP damage until death. Since I’ve been playing Star Wars Saga Edition a lot lately, I’ve rediscovered my love of their condition track. It’s an elegant solution to the problem D&D games have where a creature is eitherContinue reading “5e Condition Tracks”

Parties: House Rule

Chamomile introduced some party rules for 5e in Irena’s Guide which I discussed here. They are pretty solid, and I won’t pretend I’m original. I’ve used parties to launch my last two games, but neither were 5e. Instead, I did some quick conversions to 3e, and Star Wars Saga edition, and they have been someContinue reading “Parties: House Rule”

Redcoat Smasher and the Silver Dragon

It’s time for another entry in the adventures of Redcoat Smasher, a game I run for my 5-year-old and wife using my Game for Kids rules. After helping the fire princess, and promising to keep the crown of flames safe, Redcoat, Opal Moonstone, and Cheep Cheep (now a blackbird named Cheep Cheep, instead of someContinue reading “Redcoat Smasher and the Silver Dragon”

Orrinyath’s Guide to Dragons: Review

Orrinyath’s Guide to Dinosaurs is the final in this series of Chamomile’s guides to everything. This is the guidebook to Dragons, obviously, but also sorcerer’s and even more Kaiju. I’m using a hard copy for the review with screenshots cropped from the pdf (with permission). You can pick one up at Drivethrough or itch, inContinue reading “Orrinyath’s Guide to Dragons: Review”

Expeditions: 5e House Rules

Hexcrawls are having a huge comeback now-a-days, thanks to the OSR movement, and 5e’s general embrace of editions older than 3e (something WoTC had not previously done). When people talk about fantasy epics, the journey into the unknown is one of the biggest drivers there is. People like the idea of being frontier folk, outContinue reading “Expeditions: 5e House Rules”

Outlanders & Explorers: 5e

For a game that coined the term “Three Pillars”, 5e sure loves to let folks ignore two of them. The exploration pillar, while not outright ignored like the roleplay pillar, doesn’t get a lot of love when compared to the combat pillar. There’s a bit about tracking overland movement in the DMG that’s pretty good,Continue reading “Outlanders & Explorers: 5e”

Cora’s Guide to Dinosaurs: Review

Cora’s Guide to Dinosaurs is the eleventh (of 12) of Chamomile’s guides to everything. This is the guidebook to Dinosaurs, and focuses around barbarian types, and most importantly, giant lizards. I’m loving the cover for this one. I’m using a hard copy for the review with screenshots cropped from the pdf (with permission). You canContinue reading “Cora’s Guide to Dinosaurs: Review”

Tarrasque: Revisited

The tarrasque is the iconic campaign ending D&D monster. It’s almost a joke or a meme at this point, where the tarrasque is a “and then everyone died” punchline. It’s often the first big monster that new players find that gets them excited about one day fighting this gigantic kaiju. This is pretty ironic, sinceContinue reading “Tarrasque: Revisited”

Ozaka’s Guide to Legions: Review

Ozaka’s Guide to Legions is the tenth of Chamomile’s guides to everything. I have high hopes for this one for a lot of reasons. Chief among them, I played the titular Ozaka in a campaign. Secondly, and probably more importantly, its focus is around things I’m obviously interested in, “Big” races, skirmish battles, cohorts andContinue reading “Ozaka’s Guide to Legions: Review”