On Death

Killing a PC, that is the question.  Whether ‘tis nobler in the game to roll dice,  And suffer the cries and anguish of a disappointing deathOr to take arms against fate, and cheat the odds,  And by lies, let them prosper? Krusk, the shitty poet I see a bunch of hot takes on whether orContinue reading “On Death”

Outlanders & Explorers: 5e

For a game that coined the term “Three Pillars”, 5e sure loves to let folks ignore two of them. The exploration pillar, while not outright ignored like the roleplay pillar, doesn’t get a lot of love when compared to the combat pillar. There’s a bit about tracking overland movement in the DMG that’s pretty good,Continue reading “Outlanders & Explorers: 5e”

SR-16 Retrospective on Indie Games

SR-16, author of previously reviewed Space Street, reached out to me a little bit ago with an essay they put together analyzing a trend in indie RPGs on Itch. They focus on one of their games that followed it, where it went wrong, and another similar game that did it right (by someone else). WhileContinue reading “SR-16 Retrospective on Indie Games”

Goodliness, Godliness, and Dragons

Soapbox time. An ongoing gripe of mine, is the seemingly constant confusion around what good, godliness, and gods mean in D&D. See, many folks assume D&D works like Christianity, and the only difference is God is now the gods. The gods made the world, people who do good things get to go to a GoodContinue reading “Goodliness, Godliness, and Dragons”

3.5 House Rules

I mention that I often run 3.5 games, and we have reached an era where I can’t just assume everyone has played before. This leads to interesting conversations with folks who hear about the cool stuff I’m talking about and want to try it themselves. 3e is also notorious for DMs with reams and reamsContinue reading “3.5 House Rules”

Coins of the Ancients: Solomon’s Pentacles

I took a long time to come around on the idea of props in a TTRPG session. I’m talking probably decades. Coins are one that I’ve been very drawn to the last few years, and the Coins of the Ancient’s series are some of my favorites. This is the second pack I’ve gotten, after backingContinue reading “Coins of the Ancients: Solomon’s Pentacles”