Playtesting Dead Man’s Land

A little peek into some of the playtesting that went into Dead Man’s Land. One of the tools used was a Same Game Test, a concept IIRC invented by a user who I believe doesn’t wish to be credited anymore. So it’s not my idea, but it’s also no ones I guess… It’s a greatContinue reading “Playtesting Dead Man’s Land”

Skill Challenges

Way too many words have been spent writing about skill challenges. Ultimately they are something most RPG players want, and something I haven’t seen satisfying versions of in a d20 system. I think the problem comes from a combination of oversimplifying them, and poor preparation. Skill challenges should be as thought out as any monsterContinue reading “Skill Challenges”

Paranoia. An Introduction

Paranoia is a wonderful and amazing RPG. It’s also unlike any other RPG on the market. It actively encourages things that are terrible in any other game, and sows discord in groups. It’s a blast, and a well run introductory game is something a group will remember for a long time. These are my notesContinue reading “Paranoia. An Introduction”