Coins of the Ancients: Solomon’s Pentacles

pen for scale, the rest came in the box.

I took a long time to come around on the idea of props in a TTRPG session. I’m talking probably decades. Coins are one that I’ve been very drawn to the last few years, and the Coins of the Ancient’s series are some of my favorites.

This is the second pack I’ve gotten, after backing their previous kickstarter a year or so ago, and you can see some tweaks that refine the product. The booklet is smaller, but better made, and it came in a box for storage. In general, very happy with the work Zenacast has done on this series.

What sets the Coins of the Ancients series apart from some of the others is the historical inspiration. The Keys of Solomon are a real thing, and they sit in a sweet spot of common language and esoteric lore. Most folks who grew up in the US and Europe can’t name the Keys of Solomon, but they certainly recognize the name King Solomon. Even if they don’t know the story, its not an unknown. Tying the coins, to real world events like this helps it stand out. Its a big problem a lot of fantasy has. No one cares about the fantasy epic of [fantasy name generator] the wild, but tying it to something real does heaps of worldbuilding offhand for you. The designs are the same way. I can’t point to any particular design and say “oh yeah, that one”, but they all resonate to me in that familiar way.

From an RPG perspective, coins at the table can go a long way. A bag of them that you can hand out through the session is pretty slick. I use them to track action points for folks, but you can use it track whatever you need. Bonus points, there’s something immersive to being able to play with a pile of coins while discussing your characters treasure horde.

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