Overlight: Review

Occasionally a tabletop role playing game will appear out of nowhere and immediately distance itself from its peers. Today’s review, Overlight, is perhaps the quintessential example of unconventional fantasy. It has been sitting on the back burner of my review schedule for some time, yet never out of mind. Today is the day to getContinue reading “Overlight: Review”

Expeditions: 5e House Rules

Hexcrawls are having a huge comeback now-a-days, thanks to the OSR movement, and 5e’s general embrace of editions older than 3e (something WoTC had not previously done). When people talk about fantasy epics, the journey into the unknown is one of the biggest drivers there is. People like the idea of being frontier folk, outContinue reading “Expeditions: 5e House Rules”

Outlanders & Explorers: 5e

For a game that coined the term “Three Pillars”, 5e sure loves to let folks ignore two of them. The exploration pillar, while not outright ignored like the roleplay pillar, doesn’t get a lot of love when compared to the combat pillar. There’s a bit about tracking overland movement in the DMG that’s pretty good,Continue reading “Outlanders & Explorers: 5e”

Alien the Roleplaying Game Review

When you think of horror and role-playing games, I bet one of the first thoughts that come to mind center around the likes of cosmic horror, made popular by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Titles like Call of Cthulhu have ascended from cult status to nearly the gold standard of horror RPGs despite being aContinue reading “Alien the Roleplaying Game Review”

BattleTech A Time of War Review

While talking to a friend not too long ago, the subject of BattleTech came up and I was reminded of a particular TTRPG book called BattleTech A Time of War. Even though this edition has been surpassed by another book called MechWarrior Destiny, I find the original fascinating. After borrowing a copy, I decided toContinue reading “BattleTech A Time of War Review”

Cora’s Guide to Dinosaurs: Review

Cora’s Guide to Dinosaurs is the eleventh (of 12) of Chamomile’s guides to everything. This is the guidebook to Dinosaurs, and focuses around barbarian types, and most importantly, giant lizards. I’m loving the cover for this one. I’m using a hard copy for the review with screenshots cropped from the pdf (with permission). You canContinue reading “Cora’s Guide to Dinosaurs: Review”

Tarrasque: Revisited

The tarrasque is the iconic campaign ending D&D monster. It’s almost a joke or a meme at this point, where the tarrasque is a “and then everyone died” punchline. It’s often the first big monster that new players find that gets them excited about one day fighting this gigantic kaiju. This is pretty ironic, sinceContinue reading “Tarrasque: Revisited”

Power Rangers the Role Playing Game Review

Over the past few years, I have noticed a considerable uptick regarding the conversion of nostalgic intellectual property into TTRPGs. To my complete surprise, I was told that Power Rangers is now a role-playing game along with Avatar the Last Airbender, and Alien! So without further ado, grab your skintight body suit… It’s MORPHIN’ TIME!Continue reading “Power Rangers the Role Playing Game Review”