Petals and Thorns

Petals and Thorns is an adventure series written by Chamomile, whose site I link in the Interesting Sites page of my site, in addition to just there. As prep for the Kickstarter launch, and some final playtesting, he ran me and some others through the module to see how it played out. There were someContinue reading “Petals and Thorns”

Unearthed Arcana May 2020

WoTC released their May Unearthed Arcana yesterday. It includes a survey about psionics, and three revisions to subclasses. The meat of this article is the revisited subclasses. We get the Phantom Rogue, Genie Warlock Patron, and Order of the Scribes Wizard. Broadly, I consider the methodology kind of annoying, as it reminds me of theContinue reading “Unearthed Arcana May 2020”