The Manual of Exotic Materials II

The Sequel

I was shocked at the outpouring of support with the first one. As I worked on the it, I kept thinking, no one really cares, but as of right now, over 500 downloads. I’ll call that a win.

During the editing phase of the original, one thing kept happening. I’d have a new idea. A spin on something written, or something else I wanted to add. Eventually I called it, and after doubling my original page count, declared that any other ideas would have to go in a second book. That second book is somehow longer than the first.

Just like the first, its a book of weird things to make stuff with. Specifically new materials, weapons, armor and magic items for the 5e player whose a bit of a gearhead. Its pay what you want, and I’d love if people want to pay more than nothing for it.

It launched this morning on DMs Guild and this is basically the first advertising for it. If you do decide to check it out, I’d love to hear from you. Drop a review, hit us up in discord, @us on twitter, or whatever method. As always, I would love some feedback.

Get it here.

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