The Manual of Exotic Materials

Our first publication

Phew. We did it. Our first product available for purchase in the DMs Guild. This was a real eye opening experience and I’ve got to say, it was as much work figuring out how to get it formatted and uploaded as it was getting it written. Glad I had some help on that front from Tinkan.

Its a book of weird things to make stuff with. Specifically new materials, crafting techniques, weapons, armor and feats for the 5e player whose a bit of a gearhead. Its pay what you want, and I’d love if people want to pay more than nothing for it.

As of this post, we have 100+ downloads, which I think is pretty cool, considering we haven’t actually advertised much yet. If you do decide to check it out, I’d love to hear from you. Drop a review, hit us up in discord, @us on twitter, or whatever method. We are hard at work on book 2, and would love some feedback.

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