Plasmoid Jerry: 5e Build

I like to build silly characters. I’ve been playing D&D for a long time, and I’ve run enough dwarven barbarians, and elven wizards to get my fill. Sometimes, I want to play something off the wall. Enter Plasmoid Jerry, probably the dumbest 5e build I’ve put together yet. Those of you from the year 3000 may spot my inspiration.

Plasmoid Jerry loves to party. So much so, that the Neverwinter Brewing company has generously allowed him to become their spokesperson, instead of asking for gold repayment of his student loans from the College of Creation. Now, Plasmoid Jerry travels with various adventurers from tavern to tavern showing everyone just how great Neverwinter Brew is and encouraging them to stock it.

Whimmy Wham Wham Wazzle!

Design Choices

Instead of posting the full build, I’m going to be posting some of the major design choices. Plasmoid Jerry is fully viable as a level 1 PC, but there are some options that you can take later to really emphasize things.

  • Race: Plasmoid Jerry is a plasmoid, obviously. This gives him the gelatinous, fluid shape we want for a weird slug alien.
  • Class: Bard. Jerry inspires others through his acts of partying. Hes like a sleep deprived Andrew W. K. There’s music involved, but that’s only part of the whole experience.
    • Inspiration: As a bard, Jerry hands out inspiration by partying.
    • Song of Rest: The party never stops. Really, please let me sleep. While others take a rest and regain hit points, Plasmoid Jerry parties, and we love him for it.
    • Notable Bard Spells: Any healing spells are right in line, as are group buffs like heroism and haste. Jerry doesn’t battle enemies on his own, instead he makes his team feel invincible.
      • Level 2: Shatter. Plasmoid Jerry does have some sonic based offense and can bring the roof down around him if need be. Unlike his cousin Mckenzie, he can sloop and slurm his way out of the rubble as a plasmoid, if he gets buried.
      • Level 4: Compulsion. Plasmoid Jerry can get anyone on the dance floor. Doesn’t matter who or when.
      • Level 6: Heroes’ Feast. Jerry can summon an array of chips and drinks to keep the party going each morning. Hair of the dog and all that.
  • Background: Plasmoid Jerry is an entertainer first and foremost. He starts with a musical instrument, saxophone obviously, and costume clothes. His patented flashy floral shirt and shades combo. This background also gets him prominent booking to the hottest taverns and clubs.
  • Feats: Plasmoid Jerry has some feats as well.
    • Chef: First and foremost, this feat is his go to. Jerry is constantly handing out “Special food”, enough Neverwinter Brew for 4+prof creatures to regain some additional HP on every short rest. Secondly, he can prepare treats, or Neverwinter Jello Shots, in about an hour. Whoever breaks one out and shoots it, can get temp HP. Jerry hands these out liberally when he needs someone to take a big risk for him.
    • Healer: The healer feat lets Jerry use his healers kit, or party fanny pack of jello shots, to get someone who looks tired back into the party.
    • Inspiring Leader: Plasmoid Jerry can get his crew amped before a big event, and by spending 10 min, can give everyone a burst of energy.

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