Altered Carbon RPG

Renegade Studios announced an Altered Carbon RPG to be released September 2020. The setting seems ripe for an RPG, and I’d love to see another sci-fi game out in the market. Cyberpunk 2077 coming out in August 2020 surely has nothing to do with the timing. I have physical copies of Renegade’s other RPG, Overlight,Continue reading “Altered Carbon RPG”

Skill Challenges

Way too many words have been spent writing about skill challenges. Ultimately they are something most RPG players want, and something I haven’t seen satisfying versions of in a d20 system. I think the problem comes from a combination of oversimplifying them, and poor preparation. Skill challenges should be as thought out as any monsterContinue reading “Skill Challenges”

Paranoia. An Introduction

Paranoia is a wonderful and amazing RPG. It’s also unlike any other RPG on the market. It actively encourages things that are terrible in any other game, and sows discord in groups. It’s a blast, and a well run introductory game is something a group will remember for a long time. These are my notesContinue reading “Paranoia. An Introduction”

Cowboys From Hell. DMs Guide

The DMs guide for Cowboys From Hell that I used. It contains notes on the various encounters, and buildings in town. Locations in Thornrock Blackhorn’s Manor: Just outside of town, large plantation style house.  Center: The center of town is packed earth surrounding an immense statue of a grotesque Horned Devil ramming a trident downContinue reading “Cowboys From Hell. DMs Guide”

Roll20 Industry Report Q1 2020

Roll20 released their industry report for Q1 2020 today. Table Top RPGs have always had an interesting challenge when it comes to reporting data. “What RPG is the best?” is a hotly debated subject, and beyond intangibles like “Fun” and “Cool” the most measurable source to answer that question is “What sells the best”. AnsweringContinue reading “Roll20 Industry Report Q1 2020”