Chamomile Has Illustrations

Elder Brain Color – From Custin

Chamomile, that guy whose books I often review, has done something pretty awesome. When I was originally getting into publishing stuff, the biggest drawback was a lack of easily accessible art. A lot of this blog uses Pexels free art, and a lot of my published stuff uses public domain art or the D&D Beyond art assets. Each has ups and downs. Pexels, is integrated with WordPress, which makes it extremely easy to use. But I’m limited to what photos seem appropriate. Public Domain works are well done, and often thematic, but intensely laborious to source. D&D Beyond art assets mean you have to put up with WoTC.

Cult Priest – From PastellePrince

Chamomile went ahead and released the art commissioned because of his Kickstarter series as a pay what you want title on Drivethrough RPG. Even better, it’s published with the following license.

City – From Nelnes

All art found within this folder is released by Chamomile Has Adventures under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license for pay-what-you-want via and DriveThruRPG. You can copy, distribute, and modify the contents of this file for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and the only requirement is that you include the contents of credits.txt in your finished work, removing only the credit lines for any artists whose work you did not include.

The sub-folders are sorted by artist. You can find the aritsts for commissions (assuming they are still taking commissions) at the following addresses:


The illustrations in this folder were originally commissioned by me, Chamomile, for my tabletop RPG Dark Lord, which you can find here:

You can discuss the art included at my Discord:

TLDR, you can use this art in your commercial products, provided you post the above.

Go ahead, make some products, and use some great art.

Rokurokunbi – From Alhazartfinds
The Sahuagin Baron – from Deckydraws
Adventuring Party A – Form Fukamihb
Volva – From Jraijin

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