Dungeoncrasher: 5e Fighting Style

Way back in 3e, one of my favorite options is a variant fighter class found in one of the final releases, Dungeonscape. The 3e fighter was pretty garbage back in the day. Playing one was sure to get you all sorts of optimization help or suggestions to just play a cleric. While you might be able to have some fun and play an elaborate build with your fighter, it honestly was probably less complex, and more fun to just play a cleric. Dungeoncrasher was one of the few viable 3e builds that you could pick for a fighter. No longer did you not have to stack 43 splat books, beg your wizard for custom magic items, and then hope your DM took pity on you. Now, you could just say “I’m a dungeon crasher” and do cool stuff right away. Your only build consideration was “have a high strength”, which is probably something you were going to do anyway. Sure, you could optimize it and do all sorts of stuff, but it wasn’t really mandatory. This made dungeoncrashers awesome.

Dungeoncrasher back in the day, let you use the bull rush maneuver to throw people around the room, and if they hit anything, they take level appropriate damage. Its going to sound wild, but regular fighters struggled to do level appropriate damage, so this is actually a huge win. It also gave the fighter something to do in a fight, that wasn’t “I stand here and full attack again” with the occasional “hey I guess I’ll power attack”.

Translating this into 5e is really hard. 5e doesn’t allow a lot of forced movement, especially for martials. The best I can find are a couple of feats or spells where if you hit, you can move someone 5ft. Or maybe a monk of the whatever who can slide 15ft a couple times a day. Its all very disappointing. Instead, I’m going to add a new fighting style, which has the double benefit of allowing it to happen for multiple classes, which I consider a perk.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

New Fighting Style

If you gain the fighting style feature, most commonly through the fighter or paladin class, you can add the Dungeoncrasher style to the list of available styles.

Dungeoncrasher Style: When you hit a creature with a melee attack that deals damage, you can forgo that damage. If you do, you can push that creature directly away from you in a straight line for a distance of 5ft per point of strength modifier. Any time you cause a creature to move (from this ability or others), but their movement is blocked by an object or other creature, they must make a strength saving throw, or take 1d6 damage per point of proficiency modifier, or half on a successful save.

Variant on a variant: If you use the rules for forced movement I published a bit ago, you can instead gain the Big Boned racial trait.

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