Hexadin: 5e Build

How original right? A hexblade/paladin multiclass. We’ve seen a billion of these mechanically, with all sorts of +1s here and +1s there to make them unique. Instead of that nitty gritty, I’m going to delve into the lore and character behind it, while still giving an overview. We will be diving into some of the neglected Celestial lore of 5e D&D for this one for just about one of the emo-iest builds you’ll see.

Gabriel Phaedron

Gabriel is an Aasimar, and like many of his kind, has pledged his services to an Angel. The Solar Astaroath, was a believer in good, law, and order, serving the deity Pelor diligently and with honor.

Unfortunately, sometime after Gabriel took his oath (of the Crown) to follow Astaroath loyally and forever, a schism occurred. Astaroath’s pride in Pelor’s work caused her to destroy the temple for a Pelorian sect that was beginning to question and divert from Pelor’s core teachings. When she confronted the priests with visions detailing new commandments, the priest refused her instruction. Astaroath took it upon herself, as a protector of Pelor’s word, to prune this branch. She smote the priest, ruined the temple, and slew the followers. For her deeds, Pelor cast her out, cursing her to walk the realms as a fallen angel.

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The various priests and paladins of Astaroath took this as a warning, and shied away from their fallen leader, absorbing back into the fold, but Gabriel took an oath, and he would not break it.

  • Law. The law is paramount. It is the mortar that holds the stones of civilization together, and it must be respected.
  • Loyalty. Your word is your bond. Without loyalty, oaths and laws are meaningless.
  • Courage. You must be willing to do what needs to be done for the sake of order, even in the face of overwhelming odds. If you don’t act, then who will?
  • Responsibility. You must deal with the consequences of your actions, and you are responsible for fulfilling your duties and obligations.

Gabriel promised himself to follow Astaroath, and going back on his word was impossible. For a period, his connection to the divine was severed, as he wandered the realms distraught and aimless. After some time, Astaroath summoned him directly to the Abyss itself, and the region she had carved into a small kingdom. There she laid forth her demands. As her longest and most loyal servant, she would make him the rock of her new empire, if he was willing. In doing so, she would reinvest his divine energy, and allow him to serve her once more.

The Build

It’s a hex-adin, but there are some changes that may be classically suboptimal, or a little out of the box.

Class Order: Paladin 1/Hexblade 1/Paladin Oath of the Crown 18.

Species: Aasimar, Scourge. The Scourge Aasimar has a really flavorful sidebar we are going to utilize. Specifically, if you are playing Gabriel at level 1, you start the game as a Protector Aasimar, but after your first level, you fall and become a Scourge. Or, if you start the game at level 2+, just start here and know you fell.

Falling from Grace or Rising to It

With your DM’s consent, you can change your character’s subrace to fallen aasimar if your protector/scourge aasimar turns to evil. To do so, replace your subrace benefits, including the ability score increase, with those of a fallen aasimar.

Similarly, if your fallen aasimar turns to good, your DM might allow you to become a protector or scourge aasimar.


It’s not a perfect fit, since you didn’t personally fall, but it’s not much of a rework, and the flavor fits perfectly.

Background: Haunted One. Again, you’re a fallen Aasimar, and spent some time aimless and without purpose, developing your haunted stare. You haven’t settled into your new role as a reluctant devotee to a renegade angel, and you’re still very conflicted.

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