Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Pit Slaves]

Overview Pit Slaves – These are the poor souls who escaped a lifetime in the pits doing hard labor or fighting as gladiators. Each member is fitted with cybernetic attachments to allow of various tasks. Unlike many gangs, they are always on the run so they cannot be sent back to the pits. Motivation [Escape/Survival]Continue reading “Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Pit Slaves]”

Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Scavvies]

Overview The Underhive is a dangerous place, and it doesn’t help that the environment is made up of the industrial runoff from the countless factories above. It is no small surprise that over thousands of years exposure to said toxins have created many a mutant. Necromunda is home to a plethora of mutants, some ofContinue reading “Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Scavvies]”

Only War: Necromunda Part II [Outlanders]

A special thanks to everyone who enjoyed part one! Because of your interest, I have decided to delve deeper into Necromunda lore and add some creation mechanics for the Outlander gangs. This will include both the Outlanders from the original game as well as later editions and expansions. Stay tuned for additional rules variants andContinue reading “Only War: Necromunda Part II [Outlanders]”