K20 Economics

Tiers play a strong role throughout K20, and one way this is reflected is in the economics. There will be a point in K20, where your character doesn’t care about gold anymore. You have “enough” and can buy essentially whatever you need. This is strongly influenced by the Economicon, and if you’re familiar, this willContinue reading “K20 Economics”

K20 The Alignment Post

So lets talk alignment. The source of more internet nerd fights than what high level fighters should look like, katanas, and firearms combined. Alignment Alignment is, has always been, and will always be a tricky subject in role playing games. Most vaguely define it and leave to the groups to debate periodically whenever it comesContinue reading “K20 The Alignment Post”

K20 Power Sources

Even more than class or race, a power source is the defining choice of a K20 character. Your race determines your inborn physical characteristics, and your class determines your skills and abilities, but your power source, that determines what classes you are allowed to choose from. A power source is, put simply, the source ofContinue reading “K20 Power Sources”