Spellwarp – The Worlds of the Warp

The World(s) of the Warp There are worlds beyond worlds—cold, hot, light, dark, watery, and earthen. They all share one basic need—a need for heroes. — Elminster Aumar When thinking of Spellwarp, it may help to imagine the void of outer space. While helpful in some scenarios, it can be misleading in others. As aContinue reading “Spellwarp – The Worlds of the Warp”


Sailing the Cosmic Seas Spellwarp is a new take on a classic Dungeons & Dragons campaign concept. Fantastic retro-futuristic sci-fi adventures, built on a framework of classic swords and sorcery foundation. Spellwap games draw inspiration from classics like Flash Gordon, or Star Wars, or modern interpretations such as Treasure Planet. With that signature Dungeons andContinue reading “Spellwarp”

Playtesting Dead Man’s Land

A little peek into some of the playtesting that went into Dead Man’s Land. One of the tools used was a Same Game Test, a concept IIRC invented by a user who I believe doesn’t wish to be credited anymore. So it’s not my idea, but it’s also no ones I guess… It’s a greatContinue reading “Playtesting Dead Man’s Land”

Items from Dead Man’s Land

Magitech The remnants of Magitech are seen everywhere throughout the Four Nations, and Dead Man’s Land. Once milk leaves the teat, it doesn’t go back in, to borrow an old Kei phrase. When Cardonia fell, the height of Magictech went with it, but even still, the remnants linger. Minor wondrous items are commonplace, and clockworkContinue reading “Items from Dead Man’s Land”

Backgrounds in Dead Man’s Land

Backgrounds Backgrounds tell us where your character comes from, or how they were trained. This should represent some basic traits that most folks from your upbringing have. A character can choose an origin based background or technical background.  Origin Backgrounds These backgrounds are focused on where you were born and how you were raised.  Avallonian:Continue reading “Backgrounds in Dead Man’s Land”

Ancestry in Dead Man’s Land

Ancestries and Backgrounds Ancestries and backgrounds will replace race in Dead Man’s Land. We need something new for this game, because OGL 3.5 doesn’t have the list we want to use. While we are at it, why not get rid of the uncomfortable element of picking a race in your fantasy RPG. Each character getsContinue reading “Ancestry in Dead Man’s Land”

Classes of Dead Man’s Land

Auger Augers are in the information business. In Dead Man’s Land, that information comes in the forms of a glimpse into the future, or flashes of insight from beyond. Most in Dead Man’s Land use this power to solve mysteries, locate valuable resources, or navigate the harsh wasteland.  BAB – Poor Saves – Will andContinue reading “Classes of Dead Man’s Land”

Nations of Dead Man’s Land

The Academy Arcanum: The Academy Arcanum are a collection of isolationist wizarding families. Each family has an elder wizard who governs their tower, and communes with the larger Academy magically as needed. Each tower consists of a few hundred related wizards, and marriages are arranged as matters of political will within the Academy. In total,Continue reading “Nations of Dead Man’s Land”

Threats of Dead Man’s Land

Fauna Dead Man’s Land includes some unique fauna that should be used to make your game stand out. Thematically, the setting isn’t heavy fantasy, and most threats should be humanoid, but occasionally, something bigger is called for.  Cactaurs: As the region was not a desert prior to the Arcanowar, there is a lot of debateContinue reading “Threats of Dead Man’s Land”