Items from Dead Man’s Land


The remnants of Magitech are seen everywhere throughout the Four Nations, and Dead Man’s Land. Once milk leaves the teat, it doesn’t go back in, to borrow an old Kei phrase. When Cardonia fell, the height of Magictech went with it, but even still, the remnants linger. Minor wondrous items are commonplace, and clockwork tools are used in households across the nations. Any magical item beyond minor wondrous, or 2,000gp in price found by the players should either be a relic of ages past (and work flawlessly), or a technological approximation, and have some imperfection based on its nature (most often, single use per day of its feature). 


Magic rechargeable, cheaply made wands were made in great supply during the war, and leftovers are plentiful. They made it easy for someone with minimal training to slay or gravely wound a common knight, and led to the general phasing out of traditional heavily armored units. Each one deals bludgeoning damage, and a number of charges before it must be refocused. They require a ranged touch attack to hit, are considered simple weapons, and have X4 crit. Poisons, oils, and elixirs can be applied to a magicarm as though it was ammunition, and lasts for 20 shots.

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Revolver: Known as a 6 shooter, this wand can fire 6 blasts of arcane force before requiring a full round action to recharge. Each blast has a range of 60ft, and deals 1d4+1 bludgeoning  damage. This is considered a light, one handed weapon and is easy to dual wield. Revolvers cost 20gp.

Long Arm: The long arm is a special two handed wand that can fire arcane blasts 300ft. In order to achieve this long range, long arms are equipped with a magically enhanced scope, allowing extreme distancet. It deals 1d10+1 bludgeoning damage, and requires a full round action to reload each time. Long arms cost 50gp. 

Shotty: This wand holds up to 2, 4, or 10 charges (depending on the model) that deal 1d4+1 bludgeoning damage, and can be fired up to 40ft with two hands. The advantage to a shotty is that multiple charges can be fired at the same time, with the same attack roll. This means it can be used to deal 2d4+2, 4d4+4 or even up to 10d4+10 more damage per attack, depending on the charges expended. You do not have to fire all charges with each attack. Reloading each charge is a full round action. Shotties cost 50gp (2), 200gp (4), or 2,000gp (10) depending on the amount of charges stored. 

Cartridges: Most magicarms are compatible with cartridges, which are still in use and manufactured in the Magi-Techno Union. These cartridges can have a wide variety of purposes, but are fairly expensive, and are only good for 10 attacks once applied to a magicarm. A magicarm can have one cartridge mounted at a time, and it requires a full round action to mount or unmount one. These cartridges can apply the various ranged weapon special abilities found in the magic items section of the DMG with a cost based on its modifier. Cartridges do not require a base +1 enhancement to be applied like normal magic weapons, and in fact, cannot have a simple +X enhancement applied. 

+150 gp
+2500 gp
+31,250 gp
+42,500 gp
+54,000 gp

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