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Sailing the Cosmic Seas

Spellwarp is a new take on a classic Dungeons & Dragons campaign concept. Fantastic retro-futuristic sci-fi adventures, built on a framework of classic swords and sorcery foundation. Spellwap games draw inspiration from classics like Flash Gordon, or Star Wars, or modern interpretations such as Treasure Planet. With that signature Dungeons and Dragons twist. 

A long time ago, on the planet Toril, a group of intrepid adventurers discovered a device. The Spellwarp. This magical device, once calibrated, allowed communication with dozens of similar devices, and more importantly, through a direct connection to The Weave, allows for near instant travel between them. 

That first Spellwarp was destroyed during discovery, after the first Voidship was sent through. In that time, a new civilization of warp faring exiles has arisen. An alliance forged from the shared bond of survival between the humans, dwarves, elves, and others that made that first voyage possible, and the voidfaring nations they discovered. 
Conflict arose, as it always does, between the peaceful Toril Alliance, and the fledgling empire of Imperial Toril. Both seek survival, and strength, but one through personal power and might and the other through friendship and alliances. PIck a side, or play them both.

A Spellwarp campaign features a crew of adventurers who sail through the Cosmic Seas in search of excitement in orbit. They battle pirates, navys, and void dragons while saving princes, and protecting trade lanes. We will use the 5e rules for an RPG system that is described elsewhere.

The setting for the game is technically within the Forgotten Realms, but Toril is a distant memory. Humans learned how to tap into the Spellwarp around -2500 DR, and are unable to return (in spite of constant searching).

The Toril Warp Gate was first discovered by accident, and the first spellwarpers had no idea what it could do. The original subjects were launched into the Void, unprotected, and slain almost instantly. The second Spellwarpers went in with some protective suits, and most were able to safely get back to the Warp Gate, and return, learning about the environment. The final Spellwarpers built a large vessel, and set forth to explore this brave new world. Due to the ship’s rudimentary nature, and general lack of knowledge with the device, it was destroyed beyond repair. It was many years before they accepted their fate. Trapped beyond the sphere, and unable to find a way home. 

Now crews of Torilfolk Voidships span the Void in search of the new portals, hoping one may return them to their ancestral homes. Unfortunately for them, the Void is not as empty as it sounds. Their journeys bring them exotic new spheres, teeming with life. Some hospitable and welcoming, but others, not so much. 

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