Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Redemptionists]

Redemptionists – This is a religious offshoot of Cawdor that has seen the word spread far beyond the Hive World of Necromunda. Fanatical and zealous don’t begin to describe them. Nearly everything is heretical or sinful in their order, and heresy can only be cleansed in fire or blood!


The cult of the redemption are motivated by purity and their own brand of burning love for the emperor. They despise the following: Mutants, Psychers, and Heretics. They do not negotiate, nor take prisoners. Burn them all! Despite their zeal and ability to rile a frenzy into nearly any population, the Redemptionists are well funded and often sought out as future resources for the Inquistion.

Creating a Redemptionist

[Characteristic Modifiers] +6 Fellowship, +3 Weapon Skill, +3 Willpower, -3 Intelligence
[Skills] Interrogation, Intimidate, Scrutiny
[Talents] Berserk Charge, Cold Hearted, Enemy [Gangers & Mutants, Psychers], Hatred [Aliens, Mutants, & Psychers], Jaded
[Wounds] +1 Wounds
[Favored Weapons] Eviscerator / Flamer

Additional Features

[Clothing] Each Redemptionist must cover their face behind a mask of some sort, and they are required to wear the robes/colors of their faith. Bright oranges, reds or even literal flames make up the bulk of their wardrobe.

[Exterminator] Each member of the gang has a special canister retrofitted on the end of one of their weapons (shotguns, rifles, etc.) that acts as a one shot flamethrower. Once used, it needs to be refueled.

[Armor] Redemptionists do not use armor.

[Cybernetics and drugs] Redemptionists do not consume any drugs nor alcohol. Additionally, they do not make use of cybernetics as it is seen as impure.

[Hired Guns] Redemptionists will not hire any type of mercenary.

Specialists – Redemptionists are allowed one Ministorum Priest (as leader), one Heavy, and any number of weapon specialists with the following additions:

Redemptor Priest (Ministorum Priest) – Will serve as leader of the gang
[Weapons Talents] Gains additional weapon talents Plasma Weapons.
[Additional Equipment] Redemptionist Primer – A large tome containing the beliefs of the Cult of the Redemption. The tome is fire proof.

Deacons (Heavy)
[Weapons Talents] Gains additional weapon talents for Flame, Plasma, and Chain Weapons.
[Restrictions] May only use the Heavy Flamer or Grenade Launcher

Brethren (Weapon Specialists)
[Weapons Talents] Gains additional weapon talents for Flame, Plasma, and Chain Weapons in addition to the others.

Zealots (Weapon Specialists)
[Additional Talent] Frenzy
[Weapons Talents] Gains additional weapon talents for Flamer & Chain Weapons.
[Restrictions] May only use melee weapons & Exterminators. The Eviscerator is the melee weapon of choice. Exterminator cartridges may be retrofitted on Eviscerators.

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