Spellwarp – A Cosmic Gazetteer

The Spellwarp setting is home to a wide variety of civilizations, and just like Toril they are organized by nations, in this case called Systems. Unlike Toril, a System usually contains several Spheres, which in turn contain several planets, which in turn contain several continents. Due to the scale of conflict, most of the governments and factions can generally be assumed to have taken control of an entire planet, unless otherwise noted. There are certainly some planets in debate, and some Spheres in conflict, but there are others, especially deep in Flayer space, that have been dominant for so long, another political entity taking control is unheard of. 

Rough Map

[System] Cyclopian Periphery

The Cyclops as a people are motivated by prophecy both large and small.  It is said that they are able to see the meaning in what others cannot, and this vision helps guide them both as individuals and as a society.  Outsiders view the Cyclops as slow to progress technologically, however, they make up for that in spirituality and resolve.  It can also be said that until the past decade the Cyclops were almost labled as Xenophobic if not for the standoffish, yetfriendly trade between the Jura, Primator, along with various assorted Negoi led guilds. 

Despite this previous outside belief the Cyclops people have suddenly emerged as a new player in the larger galactic scene.  In a very short span of time they solidified bonds, created new allies, sent emissaries to the other factions, and began construction on a new armada of ships.  Such actions could be viewed as aggressive, however, the Cyclops have not made any moves to take territory, nor expand influence.  

The only hostile action taken so far was a surgical strike against a hidden Mindflayer outpost in Jura space.  Despite Jura protest, a small, well-equipped Cyclops strike team illegally entered Jura space and quickly eliminated the threat before a proper response team could intercept.  Having witnessed the destruction of the Mindflayers firsthand, the Jura allowed the Cyclops to return to Sacred Eye. Only time will tell what the great prophecy will bring next.

[Sphere] The Gem Sphere 

Life inside the Gem Sphere has become incredibly active.  Most planets within the Sphere are uninhabitable gas giants, save for a few lunar mining colonies dotted amongst the greater expanse.  All activity centers around the homeworld of Sacred Eye.  Recently, the Cyclops made a formal pact with the Gnomes to establish a shipyard known as Vortex.  It is even rumored that the bankers guild have invested an uncharacteristically generous sum towards the creation of Vortex.  For the first time the border of the Gem Sphere are truly open to travelers, and many ships are finding their way, if only to experience the culture for the first time.  

Floating in orbit around Sacred Eye, almost like satellites, are its three Warp Gates. One directly connecting them to the Primator homesphere, a second to the Jura controlled, Neogi Homesphere, and a third to a recently conquered, Jura controlled sphere.

[Planet] Sacred Eye 

There is no mistaking this planet, as it is considered enormous even by the most stringent standards.  It is a beautiful world of pink skies, vast green oceans dotted with islands and covered in diverse flora and fauna.  Many cities and settlements are found amongst only a small fraction of the enormous landscapes.  Temples, observatories and universities are common features of every settlement. The military, on the other hand, are exclusively housed and trained in areas outside of common settlements, and often in the harshest of environments.  Recent events have prompted a few new cities with the sole purpose of facilitating trade and relations with other factions.   

[Void Station] Vortex  

What once started as a small trade station has grown into what can only be described as an ever expanding blob of assorted ships and other debris culminating in a massive space station unlike any other.  The Weave Gnomes view Vortex as a new home, and as such take pride in it’s unique design and ever expanding nature.  Vortex is part breakers yard, shipyard, scrap yard, and trade hub.  The Gnomes have use for any vessel, either to scrap it or trade with it.  

Inside Vortex is even more impressive, as each section is a complex web of corridors, leading to what must seem like an endless sea of workshops and businesses.  Only the dedicated shipyard can be easily spotted from the outside, as the cavernous layout accommodates the dozens of ships being produced at any time.  Weave Gnomes, Cyclops and Neogi are the most common races found working on Vortex, however, travelers from far and wide will certainly do business with them.   

[System] Cretac

The Jura are an aggressive, warlike race of large, reptilian beings focused around expansion and empire building. Luckily for the rest of the Void, they are a fractious group, and rarely form a united front, especially one that contains all the planets in a sphere, let alone all the spheres in the empire. When a warlord finally accepts that they aren’t strong enough to conquer the [jura homeworld] they often set their sights on one of the other habitable planets in the Sphere. If that doesn’t appear viable, they will target a nearby Sphere, and the Jura have expanded to control 5 Spheres in this manner, making them, in spite of their fractious nature, one of the major empires in the Void.

[Sphere] Mezo’a

Due to the abundance of Warp Gates, Mesozoa is a hotbed for transsphere travel, and is an excellent launching point for exploration or conflict. Battle between the Rodan and Jura rages within the adjacent [green]sphere, and the conflict often spills between [rodan unnamed] and [unnamed flayer] spheres as well. After generations of constant intersphere invasions from the Rodan, Flayers, and other, long lost civilizations, a fierce warrior culture has emerged as dominant within Jura society. Nowhere is this more evident than [home plane] itself, a world with its collection of warring clans, each jockeying for power, and control of one of the Void’s most powerful militaries. If only the other clans would get in line. 

While [homeworld] is the home world for the Jura, many of the systems other planets have befallen similar fates. Stripped for resources to fuel an unending war machine. Within Mesozoa, there are 8 once habitable planets that now contain no atmosphere, and 3 that still sustain life. Scorch, [Homeworld], and two of the 7 moons of [gas giant].

[Planet] Scorch

A world once filled with green has now become a dismal barren world of dry sands, craters and ruins. Mercenary bands fight over what meager resources dwell within. Scorch lacks the prestige of [homeworld] but was the first major expansion into the Void. The planet itself is fairly devoid of life, and interest, which makes it perfect for the various lawless, mercenary bands led by Jura cast off from other tribes. Unable to give up their warlike ways, these bands battle one another over the scraps of long destroyed magical power, and artifice. 

[Planet] Blood

Blood is the most prized possession in Cretac, as evident by its name. It’s the origin of Jura life, and culture, and more importantly to the Jura, maintaining control grants a legal right to actually command the Jura military. While rebellion is common among the troops, all recognize that a military strong enough to subjugate the 8 tribes of Blood is one to be respected, and more importantly, feared. The landscape has long lost any actual valuable resources, and is now a barren husk of scorched earth, and polluted water, but that hasn’t slowed the war machines continual march towards power. 

[Planet] Smoke

The swirling blue mists of Smoke would be something of wonder, if not for their dark secret. The arcane storms which swarm over the planet are deadly, and block all forms of magical penetration. As such, much is unknown about the interior, even now. Of the moons, 2 of the seven can sustain life. Of the remaining 5, two are swirling balls of fire, and three never held an atmosphere. 

[Moon] Frost

Frost is a frozen ice world, inhospitable to most Jura life naturally, but advances in magic have given way to a prosperous enough colony of settlements deep within its caves. The major value of 1, is, ironically, the same reason it’s so inhospitable. The abundance of clean, pure, ice has made it a strategic source of clean, potable water. 

[Moon] Sweat

Contrary to Frost, Sweat is also known as the Jungle Moon. Hot, and sweltering, and the moon’s entire surface is mostly covered in thick vegetation that seems to grow back rapidly, no matter how quickly it’s cut, scorched, or salted. One would think this makes it a fantastic source of lumber, but it’s actually proven difficult to even build a suitable landing pad. Instead, Sweat is used as a prison colony. In lieu of execution, prisoners from within Mesozoa are parachuted onto the planet and forgotten about, left to contend with the various forms of megafauna and the inhospitable jungle itself.

[Asteroid Belt] Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder is the name for the rumored and lost 12th planet within Mesozoa. Sages speculate that it was crushed between the weight of its neighbors, two gas giants, and the asteroid field is all that remains. Torn Asunder is heavy with rare materials, and while factions fight over particular asteroids, the belt in general is filled with all the materials needed to support the Sphere. 

[Sphere] Razor Expanse

After the exodus from Scorch, the first Jura explorers discovered the Razor Expanse. There are planets and moons alike, however this sector is largely defined by a massive asteroid belt running through the very heart of the Sphere, making travel difficult yet providing the Jura a natural barrier between them and Flayer space beyond.  Some of the planets and moons have been conquered or colonized, however, in Jura tradition most of the Sphere remains in great dispute. In some ways, the Razor Expanse is a microcosm of the greater Jura conflict.  

[Planet] Blaze

This volcanic planet, although breathable, is ill suited for colonization due to its high temperatures, capable of melting even the strongest materials. 

[Void Station] The Belt 

Rather than a single void station, The Belt consists of several smaller void stations acting as refuge for the mining colonies that it supports. The asteroids provide unique minerals and other magical resources used to fuel the great war machine. Much of the exports of The Belt go directly to the Legacy Shipyard or even the planet Shank. Because of its great value, and frontier nature, these stations are heavily guarded against Flayer incursion.

[Planet] Toxin

Renamed Toxin after Jura occupation, Yisah was once the homeworld to the Great Society of Yig. The race of peaceful, serpentine, sculptors has long since been wiped out, but their evidence is everywhere. One only needs to look towards the ancient, vine encrusted, temples, or the massive monuments left to their ancient snake deity. 

[Sphere] Talon Front 

Sitting well within Jura Space, the Talon Front was the second Sphere conquered by the Jura, and one of the most notable. The entire Sphere consists of diverse moons and planets alike… some of which are incredibly dangerous. Few non-Jura make their way to this Sphere due to its location, and the danger of traversing Jura space without a military escort. 

[Planet] Predator’s Moon 

This beautiful moon consists of vast oceans with a vast equatorial archipelago. This scattering of small landmass contains megaflora and megafauna that are seemingly designed to consume indiscriminately.  There have been attempts to colonize the moon, however, the megaflora soon overtakes it akin to a body fighting off an infection.  After such failed attempts at colonization, the Jura repurposed the moon as a proving ground for hunters.  Any Jura able to survive the moon and bring back a notable trophy will gain almost instant fame and notoriety.   

[Void Station] Legacy Shipyard 

Due to the abundance of resources in the sector, and its relatively protected nature, a shipyard was established in order to act as neutral ground for both the creation and repair of vessels.  Legacy is a place bustling with activity, and remains a must visit destination amongst the warring mercenary clans. Most clans recognize the inter-clan truce here, and few will willingly engage in combat with those at the Shipyard. 

[Sphere] Chertal 

The most unique sphere within the Jura system is Chertal, the homesphere of the Neogi themselves. 75 years prior, a wealthy Neogi, Stavix, managed to acquire what may well have been, and certainly were presented as, the rights to the entire Neogi Homesphere, through a series of conditional deals, shell companies, and handshake agreements. Sensing a quick opportunity, Stavix met with a Juran warlord to quickly unload the rights to the planet. Stavix quickly retired to a pleasure yacht and sailed the Warp until they were devoured by their young. In the meantime, the Juran warlord began attempting to oust the Neogi from the sphere, planet by planet with a massive military force. The Neogi present offered no resistance, but also somehow never left. Agreements were made, treaties signed, contracts enforced, and yet today, 75 years later, the homesphere is a healthy 70% neogi. Without a military force to threaten and combat the Juran forces have simply accepted victory, which on paper they had had for a long time, and work to integrate with Neogi society. As such, a hybrid culture exists, where money is valued above all else, specifically, the money to buy mercenaries and weapons. 

[Planet] Web

Khenqrel Alpha, renamed Web after its initial Juran conquest, is a tropical steamy oasis whose climate is beloved by Neogi, and tolerated at best by others. The oceans average a balmy 95 degrees, and even walking in the shade of the fungal forests, temperatures reach an excess of 120 due to the super dense atmosphere. All Neogi public services have been outsourced to various conglomerates, guilds, and consortiums, but enforcement has long been a struggle for them. As such, most industries that aren’t military related languish or are poorly performed. Military related services are enforced by armed Jura, who often find it easier to do it on their own. The one area that is taken after are the fabled marketplaces. Any Neogi worth their web has a market stall somewhere selling something, and nowhere is there a higher concentration than on Web. 

[Void Station] Tribunal

Floating above the gas giant, Boil Née Troqnir, among a swarm of other Void Stations, lies the Tribunal. The home to Neogi records of deals, and arbiters of fairness. If one can actually get a Neogi to show up on time without plausible deniability, this is the group who can enforce laws, and agreements. 

[Void Station] Vux Hall

Vux Hall is the largest casino in any known System. High in orbit around Boil, Vux hall, originally named for Vux and now bitterly contested by their children and grandchildren, is a sight to behold. Bedecked in gold, platinum, and gemstones, gambling of any sort can be found. Because of the reputation, the Neogi even pay for guards to patrol and keep crime down, knowing it deters business. 

[Sphere] Charger’s Reach

Nearly the entire system is encompassed by mysterious trifid making travel difficult for even the most experienced navigator.  Many warbands and mercenaries have set up strongholds within parts of the Trifid providing both a hidden safe haven and discrete striking point.  

[Planet] Shank 

Unlike many Jura worlds, Shank is the definition of stability.  It is a self sustaining world with one unique feature… the games.  In order to keep the peace an agreement has been made amongst the Jura to only fight within the great Coliseums.  Many famous warriors have gained notoriety as champions of the games!  Shank acts as a training ground for new mercenary recruits, with its most popular gladiators commanding high salaries within the various Jura armies. Regardless, Shank remains a world untouched by war, but soaked in blood.  

[System] The Collective of the Xun 

The Collective of the Xun is the official term used to describe the otherworldly Mind Flayer threat. While few in numbers, their power and influence is staggering. A few brave souls have journeyed into the System, attempting to map it, but report that it seems to go on indefinitely, containing hundreds, or maybe even thousands of Spheres. What is known, is that the Flayers themselves have no interest in diplomacy, or luckily war. Their armadas arrive without warning, raid and pillage random targets, oftentimes stealing seemingly random items, and go on their way. Or maybe, they stay and conquer the sphere. 

Ultimately, all aspects of Xun culture are conjecture. Even captive, seemingly friendly, Mind Flayers have provided conflicting stories about their origins and goals. Sometimes it’s that they are a devoutly religious sect sent on a mission from some terrible heretofore unknown god, other times it’s a highly advanced race of travelers who have come from the future to accelerate their inevitable conquest of their time, and still others simply claim they are simply an advanced empire. Regardless, some core traits are safe to assume as true. 

  1. Mind Flayers are psionically powerful, and will subjugate anyone they deem powerful or useful.
  2. Mind Flayers are trained in arcane magic. Whether through an arcane academy, or inborn gifts is unclear. What is clear, is that they can shoot fireballs. 
  3. Mind Flayer society is governed by Elder Brains, which are in constant telepathic communication with their Conchord.
  4. Mind Flayers are super intelligent tacticians. They play their cards close to the vest, and have unknown goals. This manifests itself in ways that may seem random to the observer in the moment, but are very significant in a larger scheme. If a Mind Flayer asks for a pen to write a confession, never give it to them. Unless, they want you worried about a pen so as to distract you from their true goal. Then, whatever you do, give them a pen. 
  5. Mind Flayers are technologically advanced. Mind Flayer technology is leagues past any other civilization. Scavenging their wreckage is both supremely dangerous, and supremely profitable.

[Sphere] Typical

Xun Spheres are all very similar to one another, and immediately recognizable to outsiders. When the collective has decided to claim a Sphere as their own, the first, and most notable thing that is done, is the creation of a Xun Sphere. Through arcane magic, psionic energy, and technological marvel, the Xun fleet will begin constructing an opaque spherical enclosure for the Sphere’s sun (or one around each sun, if multiple). If successful, this has immediate and long reaching implications. Namely, it prevents sunlight from reaching anywhere else in the sphere. Some groups have held out with magical influence, but over time, this eradicates any life within the Sphere without a single armed conflict. After a few short months, all planets in the system become barren, and life is completely snuffed. This Xun Sphere is the home to the Sphere’s leader, the Concordant Elder Brain. A psionic entity in constant communication with its peers among other Spheres. From here it governs the Xun Fleet of that sphere, and oversees the harvest from the system’s sun. It uses this energy to ration heat, and energy for the system. 

The Xun Sphere is not home to a single creature. It is much more akin to a beehive, swarming and pulsing with life. A variety of high ranking Mind Flayers, their thralls, and minions, keep the structure operating round the clock. While most of the systems appear to be automated, there are enough of them, that constant manual tuning and repairs are required. Each Flayer may control hundreds of minions directly and thousands more indirectly, usually taken as thralls from a previously conquered system. A majority of the inhabitants are stored in containment cells, kept in a constant state of incapacitation by the Concordant Elder Brain, and used as the primary source of food for the flayers, and then carnivorous thralls, working in the Sphere. 

[Planet] Typical

Xun Planets are divided into two types, but both serve the same purpose, mining. Both solid and gas planets are mined for natural resources. Solid planets from highly advanced structures built on the poles, and gaseous ones from circling void stations. Each of these planets is ruled by a Conchord, or single Elder Brain and works in perfect unison with the Collective of the Xun’s goals. The age of a Xun Sphere can be estimated by the state of its worlds, as every resource is consumed during these mining operations, until there is only a station floating in the void. At this point, the Conchord in charge of the planet is cast out and slowly dies and the station itself is converted into parts for the next fleet. 

[Fleets] Typical

Xun fleets are divided into Creeds and Inquisitions. An Inquisition may consist of a dozen or so Flayers on a Nautiloid ship. Enough to subjugate a planet, perform raids, or scouting missions, and other, to them, minor tasks. A Creed on the other hand, is usually one or more massive [Name] ships assembled for one purpose only. Conquest. Each of these massive vessels contains a hundred or more Mind Flayers, and their slave armies outfitted for war. The Creed houses dozens of [name] fighters, which can be docked or released as needed for ship to ship combat. This provides ample defense while the Creed sets about constructing a Xun Sphere.

[System] Roden Space

Culturally, the Roden have a consumer society centered around the accumulation of possessions. This manifests itself in a variety of ways. Roden families are big, because big families means more people can accumulate things. Roden politics is focused on the individual, because laws formed around accusations of theft. Roden diplomacy is violent, and often mistaken for raids. Their diplomatic stylings, and general disdain for  either declare war, or abandon it entirely. The system quickly becomes an environmental disaster, as the Rodan consume valuable resources at the expense of all else, and move on to the next. In effect, the Rodan fleet have become a roving band of pirates, sailing the warp, planet by planet acquiring whatever they can. 

[Sphere] Typical

A typical Roden Sphere is one of chaos. There is a disjointed armada of ships in constant motion from one planet to another, as the various familial clans land and harvest whatever they can, before moving to the next. A majority of the planets are stripped bare, and it’s not uncommon to see one collapse in on itself, having had some large deposit of gold underground or some other precious metal. Any gaseous planet will have a collection of seemingly derelict stations drifting about it. Sometimes they are actually abandoned, having had anything of value scrapped, and other times, just poorly maintained. 

[Planet] Typical

The typical Roden planet is an environmental disaster devoid of life and wracked by uncontrolled weather. Solid planets are balls of dust swept by toxic tidal waves, constant tornadoes, massive sinkholes, and magic storms. Gaseous planets have usually had valuable or usable gas harvested, greatly reducing mass, and throwing the orbit of any moons totally out of order, often causing a collapse, the creation of rings, or separation of moons.

[Planet] Naxxremis 7

Naxxremis 7 is the 7th planet in the Vandrian Sphere, the first Roden conquest. While most of the planet has been stripped of valuable resources, that doesn’t mean it’s uninhabited. The arcane magics used to harvest the resources have long corrupted the globe. Its oceans team with aberrant creatures, mutated by the toxic sludge in which they swim. The surface, likewise corrupt, is barren. Stripped of plant life and vitality. This dusty sphere is home to legions of undead, reanimated by the very energies used to strip their world. Many sentient undead have chosen to make their home here, using its inhospitality to life as a source of seclusion while they plot nefarious schemes. Lastly, as of late , a circle of renegade druids known as Blighters have taken refuge on the toxic orb, referring to it as their utopia.

[Planet] Xenia

The third planet in the Nabrion Sphere, Xenia is long conquered and somewhat unique. Unlike most Roden planets, Xenia is in the process of reclamation. The original Primator settlers have returned and work tirelessly to clean the planet and restore natural life. Their druids make heavy use of nature spells to replant forests, encourage growth, and even restore minerals to the soil, or cleanse the waters. While minimally effective so far, they have made enough progress for one small grove, protected from the rest of the harsh surface with magical wards. Unfortunately for them, Roden living in the sector have taken notice, and are slowly returning to the planet. 

[Planet] Sophus 5

Sophus 5 is a planet in conflict. The sphere is hotly contested by a Jura fleet attempting to conquer and colonize, and the Roden fleets harvesting resources. The gas giant, Sophus 5 has several gem rich moons currently settled by Jura. Much to their chagrin, the Roden have set up a ring of well defended satellites harvesting gases from the planet down below. The Jura are well aware of the impending disaster this has hung over their head, and there is frequent fighting between the two factions. 

[System] Primator 

The Primator rule their system from their homeworld of Primus, and the senate has broadly agreed that colonization is in their best interest. As such, they have colonies on all habitable masses within the Primator system, including both solid planets, three oxygen rich moons, and a thriving asteroid colony. The Primator people favor law, order, and philosophy, and place reason above all else. Physically, Primators are generally humanoid shaped, but covered in a thick layer of fur, negating the need for much clothing. Instead, they prefer nudity, with formal, elaborately decorated, togas worn on special occasions. 

[Sphere] Primator

The self named Primator Sphere contains a collection of mostly gaseous planets with a few solid, inhabited ones. In order from their sun, Primator, you have Primus, a giant with 3 moons. Secund, a solid planet with no moon. Tertus, a gas giant with 72 moons. Quarti, a solid planet with dual moons. Surrounding these is the asteroid belt, Astra Infinitum. 

[Planet] Secund

Second from the sun, after a gas giant, Secund is the seat of Primator power. The Primator originated from Secund. The planet itself is a lush garden world providing everything for its inhabitants. Secund is also the seat of power for the Sphere, controlled by the strict Primator senate, which governs natural resource usage and ensures prosperity for all Primator. 

[Moon] Tertus-BB

The entire moon of BB was somewhat terraformed to give it a breathable atmosphere, however it has no flora or fauna of any type. Instead the surface of BB is dotted with artificial settlements that rely on Quarti and Secund to provide food and water.  Due to the low gravity, there are an abundance of taller structures built from the native stone.  BB acts as the main trade hub for the entire sphere because of its central location between both main planets. Thanks to the unique architecture, it also serves as a very popular tourist attraction. 

[Moon] Tertus-AR

The moon of Tertus-AR is the furthest in orbit from Tertus . For this reason the entire purpose of the moon functions as a fortress to deploy military units as quickly and efficiently as possible, and it serves as the outer ring of the Primator defense fleet.    

[Planet] Quarti

The outermost planet in the system, Quarti mostly of a saltwater ocean with a single notable landmass surrounding a massive volcano. Space is scarce on Quarti, and housing on land must be regulated in a variety of multifloor dwellings. These apartments are built on heat resistant supports, which come in very useful when the volcano has its decennial eruption. The majority of the populace live in floating cities that circle the globe dredging up precious resources from the ocean for processing on Quarti-B.     

[Moon] Quarti-B

Quarti-B is the only shipyard in the sector. Resources are brought in primarily from Quarti and AStra Infinitum where they are refined and processed, along with imports from the Tertus-BB. 

[Asteroid Belt] Astra Infinitum

Astra Infinitum, so named for its seemingly countless number of asteroids provides a protective sphere around the interior planets of Primator and their moons. Stationed throughout the asteroids are a variety of settlements focused on asteroid mining, or spherical defense.

Contested Spheres

Not all known spheres have been claimed, or are dominated by a given system. As the Rodan and Flayers expand, the number continually decreases, but at the moment there are three contested spheres. 


This barren sphere sitting between the Razor Expanse and the Collective of the Xun, is home to a single sphere. While mineral rich, the sphere is fairly uncontested due to its most notable feature. Velborax is the name of the moon-sized beholder that orbits the planet below and consumes anything of note within the sphere itself with the exception of its planet. Velborax continually spews smaller beholders from its mouth, which then disperse throughout the Warp. Rumors abound that this may be the great hive mother, originator of all other beholders.  


Triterus is a rarely explored sphere in constant conflict between Rodan forces and the Collective of the Xun. In theory there could be valuable resources within the sphere, but its lack of exploration by anyone except the Rodan and Xun means the risk of exploration is usually not worth the potential reward. The Rodan have an unusually high quantity of Xun harvested technology, and the general belief is the source is this conflict. 


The last remaining vestige of the border spheres separating the Jura from Rodan conquest, Progatar is hotly contested. Jura military presence is high, and most planets, moons, and celestial bodies are heavily fortified with military outposts, but Rodan scavenger ships still manage to scrap the occasional border outpost. 

Those without Systems


Having traveled through the Warp hundreds of years ago, the lost Torilfolk have broadly integrated within the other various spheres and systems where they are most comfortable. Afterall, humanity’s most prominent trait is their adaptability. Today, Torilfolk can be found in the Jura arenas, aboard Neogi gambling halls, or even represented in the Primator senate. 

A divisive and opinionated people, the Torilfolk have broken into dozens of minor factions, the most prominent two are detailed below. 

  1. The Toril Alliance: The Alliance, consists of those warp elves, dwarves, gnomes and humans who have not yet given up hope of a return to their long lost home, of Toril. They traverse the void in a carrier, which they claim houses the original Toril Voidship, in search of a way home. They often fund exploration expeditions in search of lost gates, or unknown magics. 
  2. Imperial Toril: Given enough time, the factions of Torilfolk got comfortable in their new world. Many had never been to the mythical Toril, and plenty of the youth hardly believed any of the old stories. Instead, they argued against a nomadic life of explorers, instead choosing to found their own empire, and conquer a planet or sphere of their own. As an overt military threat, they would easily be squashed by one of the more powerful systems. Instead the Empire works in the shadows pitting the various systems, and factions within them, against one another hoping to siphon off resources in the aftermath. Rumors abound about a secret moon stronghold somewhere within abandoned Rodan space, but if it does exist, its exact location is a closely guarded secret. 


Cetations have no homeworld of their own. Or maybe they are more like the Torilfolk, and just lost it. Regardless, they have no grand empire. Instead, Cetations are born in the warp, die in the warp, and most importantly to them, live in the warp. Cetations all have a thick grey hide, and are known for their gregarious nature. The various subspecies differ on cultural norms here and there, but all strive to find enjoyment in what they do. 


Selachii are solitary loners with no homeworld to call their own. As far as any can tell, they were born in the Warp, and they seem to be at home there. They make their homes in asteroids, void ships and wherever others aren’t. Selachii usually find a small pod to travel with they call their own, under 20 at most, and seem content with life.

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