Spellwarp – Sailing the Cosmic Seas

Voidship Rules

Voidships follow the same basic rules as the ships found in Ghosts of Saltmarsh Appendix A with exceptions for 3 dimensional movement. 

Because Voidships can move in three dimensions, movement now allows for raising or lowering in height compared to their previous position based on the maneuverability granted by their helm. Any ship can raise or lower position given enough time, but only ships maneuverable enough to do it as part of a single action will specify. 

You may find it valuable to designate a “Level” height, and track ships heights, or depths above or below that point as though the ships were flying submarines. I find placing a D10 noting how many 10s of feet above or below that point makes it fairly clear. 

Warp Gates

Warp gates are the foundation of what makes magic work in the Spellwarp campaign setting. These artifacts allow travel between the spheres without the use of spelljamming magic, and form the backbone of every warp-faring society.

Because of their high value and fixed location, warp gates are almost always the most heavily fortified location in an entire sphere. They form natural choke points, and limit the amount of ships that can enter or leave a sphere, allowing for relative safety for those within. An undiscovered warp gate is a mighty find, and is of the utmost importance to whoever reaches it. 

These artifacts allow for a single gargantuan (or multiple smaller) voidships to travel between spheres. Once a ship enters, it takes 1d6 hours for travel to complete. While it may seem like a teleportation effect, the warp gates actually open a physical tunnel through the Phlogiston between spheres and allow for physical travel at immense speeds. The path is slightly different each time, and as such, travel is variable, but usually not more than +/-5 hours.

Voidship Stats

Early Voidships

Many of the earliest ships in Spellwarp to appear were modified from literal oceanic sailing vessels. For these, simply use the ship statistics for ships as found in Ghosts of Saltmarsh (with few exceptions noted below) Of note, their hull is magically reinforced and warded to protect travelers within a 20ft radius of the ship from the perils of travel. Today, these ships are mostly used by the very poor, who continue to maintain them, or the very rich, who love the classical appeal. 

Voidships have been retrofitted to protect against the perils of the Void. With that in mind, the costs associated with the ships are not the values indicated, and they cannot use the pre-existing movement modes, hulls, or weapons. Instead, price out your ship as normal, and pay for movement modes and weaponry as normal for a ship in Spellwarp.

ShipCostCrewPassengerSizeCargoAbilityMovement SlotsWeapon Slots
Sailing Ship2,000gp3020G100tS20|D7|C1712

Modern Voidships

Once a civilization has explored the void, they usually begin to custom design ships for the process. These modern voidships are generic, and can be used for any civilization, although some certainly favor one configuration over another. 

ShipCostCrewPassengerSizeCargoAbilityMovement SlotsWeapon Slots

*The Carrier can dock and transport a large ship per 20 ton of available cargo space (or one medium ship per 5 tons). 

Collective of the Xun

Unlike other civilizations, the Collective of the Xun rarely shares its advances with the others. Capturing and sailing a Xun ship is possible, but highly dangerous, due to most systems shoot on site policies. Let alone, risking capture from the Xun. 

ShipCostCrewPassengerSizeCargoAbilityMovement SlotsWeapon Slots
Omega Sphere*500,000gp1100G100tS22|D10|C2428

*The Xun Omega Sphere is the ultimate Xun weapons station. This sphere is crewed by a single elder brian, and uses the brain’s mental statistics. It can dock with, and carry, one medium ship per ton of cargo space. As such, they are usually found swarming with Judicators. 

Collective of the Xun ships are always made of adamantine with displacement engines, and this has been factored into their costs. 

Void Stations

Void Stations use the same rules as Voidships but are usually much much larger. They generally have at least 8 weapon slots, and there is really no upper limit to them, crew, passengers, or cargo. One thing of note, is that due to their immense size, stations are relatively immobile. They can move about within a given sphere, at far less than 1mph, and there isn’t a lot that can be done to increase it much, and most do not travel. 

Ship Modifications

All ships require a base level of selection to determine their statistics. Some modifications have a 0 cost value, and can be assumed to be a default or base level option. 

Values denoted with an * have a value that scales based on the size modifier for the ship. Medium X1, Large X2, Huge X4, Gargantuan X8


MaterialCost*ACHP*Damage ThresholdDescription
Alchemically Treated Wood018125
Hallowed2,500gp151510This hull has been blessed (or cursed) and is constantly under the effect of the Hallow spell. 
Automated3,000gp181510This ship is fully automated. In addition to a collection of small automatons that handle mundane tasks, the ship can be crewed by a single person. Double the cost, for a ship that can crew itself entirely by verbal commands (with mental abilities of 10)


MaterialCost*ACHP*Tactical SpeedDistance SpeedDescription
Solar Sails0151020ft2mphThese sails can be converted into traditional sails, and used to provide propulsion on any liquid surface.
Arcane Turbine0181030ft3mph
Displacement Engine1,000gp22850ft5mphThis ultra fast mode of transportation makes use of slips between panes, and travels much faster than otherwise possible. 
Temporal Acceleration5,000gp10580ft8mphThis ship is able to speed up time in  a small field around its arcane turbine. The ship appears to travel at outrageous speeds from the outside. Passengers do not notice the effect, and do not gain any speed bonuses. 
Ethereal Sails3,000gp151020ft2mphWhile deployed, the ship travels along the ethereal plane, as per the etherealness spell. 


MaterialCostACHPTo HitDamageRangeDescription
Arcane Ballista500gp1550+63d10 force120/480ftFires a bolt of arcane energy
Necromantic Catapult10,000gp1040+52d6 Skeletons200/800ftLaunches skeletons onto the other ship, who land. If living creatures are present, combat begins. If not, they begin ripping at the hull or exposed weapons or movement modes (whatever is closest) 
Adamantine Ram2,000gp20150Advantage on saving throws from crashing.
Elemental Catapult8,000gp12100+55d10 (elemental)200/800ftLong range balls of elemental damage
Focusing Lense1,000gp500ftThe focusing lens is stationed within the ship, allowing a mage to cast spells through it at a much greater than normal range, allowing for line of effect and sight.
Phlogiston Torpedo10,000gp1880+52d6 electric, 2d6 slashing150/600ftThis explosive device is launched towards opposing ships. On impact, it tears a small hole in the Sphere, which is quickly repaired, but the destruction is long lasting.

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