Only War: Necromunda [Palanite Enforcers]

Adeptis Arbites [Aka Palanite Enforcers]- They are part shock trooper and police force, and kitted with enough arms and armor to make them formidable to anyone. Their goal is the arrest or eradication of gangs and outlanders alike.


[The Law] The enforcers see themselves as the only authority in the Underhive. Their first priority is to arrest, but will resort to other options if they cannot accomplish this priority. They favor obvious targets like the Pit Slaves, and generally do not arrest Scavvies (they are unclean).

Additional Features

[Funded] Enforcers have no need for credits or other weapons. They are kitted out by their precinct. However, should the gang decide to keep any weapons or credits, this will go back to the precinct and they will be “credited” a certain amount should they need upgrades in the future. Additionally, Enforcers are not subject to the rules of starvation or dehydration during off time, as it is assumed they return to base for any needs.

Creating a Palanite Enforcer gang:

[Characteristic Modifiers] +3 Ballistic Skill, +3 Fellowship, +3 Perception, -3 Willpower
[Skills] Athletics, Command, Dodge, Intimidate
[Talents] Heightened Senses (Sight), Rapid Reload, Technical Knock
[Wounds] +1 Wounds
[Weapon Restrictions] Enforcers may only choose any (non-heavy) weapons from the Solid or Bolt category. They are also granted access to Grenade Launchers, Shields, along with low-tech melee weapons (Swords,Clubs, etc.).

Specialists – Enforcers begin with one Sergeant (Squad Leader), and the rest of the gang consisting of Storm Troopers (Enforcers).

Squad Leader (Sergeant)
[Bonus Weapons Talents] Low-tec, Launcher, Solid, Bolt
[Equipment] Carapace Armor, Respirator, Manacles, Microbead, Bolt Pistol, Good Craftsmanship Sword, 3x Frag Grenades
[Restriction] The Squad Leader must be trained in solid and bolt weapons. No Restriction to additional training.

Enforcer (Sanctioned Psycher)
[Bonus Weapons Talents] Launcher, Bolt, Solid
[Equipment] Carapace Armor, Respirator, Manacles, Grapnel & Line, Demolition Charge, 3x Frag Grenades
[Restriction] The Enforcers must be trained in solid and bolt weapons. No Restriction to additional training.

Additional Comments:

Enforces should not be given every weapon imaginable, but rather one primary weapon and a sidearm. Additionally, if a unit is given a shield they will often only be given a sidearm and a melee weapon. Lastly, avoid any upgrades for all weapons. They may be well equipped, but the enforcers are often given the base model to use.

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