Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Spyre Hunters]

Spyre Hunters, from the core book

Spyre Hunters – When the youthful nobility of Hive Primus want to prove themselves, they are fitted into high tech armor and sent into the Underhive for a specific goal. Together they must work as a team to accomplish the objective, knowing full well that they will not come home until they do. Those who return are seen as worthy.


[Glory] Spyre Hunters are always seeking to prove themselves. The gang is formed with a single objective in mind. Most of the time it is to take out a noteworthy gang leader or an entire gang. Regardless of what is chosen, the Matriarch/Patriarch will enforce this goal and ensure that none of them can leave until it is met.

Creating a Spyre Hunter

[Characteristic Modifiers] See Individual Specialists
[Skills] See Individual Specialists
[Talents] See Individual Specialists
[Wounds] +0 Wounds
[Favored Weapons] None

Additional Features

[Armor and Weapons] Each member of the hunt has specially made powered armor and weapons that are unique to the user. It can only be used by the single individual and is programmed to explode if the user dies or is forcibly removed from the armor. This way the technology is ensured not to get into other’s hands.

[Well Off] The suits provide all food and water that they user may need. Additionally, the gang has no need nor any desire for credits or “things.” They will not use other weapons, equipment, armor, nor take any trophies. It is assumed that their entire stay in the underhive is being recorded by the very suits they wear.

[No Territory] Spyre Hunters do not have a need for territory, as they are always moving around the Underhive looking to achieve their ultimate goal. Additionally, they have no need for credits as the suit provides all.

Specialists – Spyre Hunters do not follow typical guidelines for character creation. However, make sure that each member is a Weapon Specialist. The only exceptions is the Matriarch/Patriarch, as they will be use the Seargent Template. Only one Matriarch/Patriarch per Spyre Hunter gang.

Please note that the powered armor is going to considerably boost specific statistics for each type of Specialist! Also, all of the Armor Features and Internal Weapons are considered part of the armor and therefore always activate or otherwise in use.

Matriarch (Sergeant)
[Characteristic Modifiers] +20 Weapons Skill, +20 Fellowship, -10 Perception
[Skills] Intimidation, Medicae, Parry,
[Talents] Ambidextourous, Blind Fighting, Combat Master, Weapons Training (Power & Chain)
[Armor Features] AP 6 (Full Body), Diagnostor, Medi Kit, Microbead, Preysense Goggles, Respirator, Survival Suit, Stealth Field – Can trigger invisibility for three rounds
[Internal Weapons] Power Sword, Chain Sword

Patriarch (Sergeant)
[Characteristic Modifiers] +20 Ballistics Skill, +20 Perception, -10 Willpower
[Skills] Awareness, Medicae, Tech-Use
[Talents] Rapid Reload, Weapon-Tech, Independent Targeting, Weapons Training (Bolt)
[Armor Features] AP 7 (Full Body), Diagnostor, Photo Visor, Preysense Goggles, Respirator, Survival Suit,
[Internal Weapons] Bolter (with Motion Predictor, Omni Scope, Targeter, Custom Grip)

Orrus (Weapon Specialists)
[Characteristic Modifiers] +25 Strength, +15 Toughness, -10 Perception, -10 Agility
[Skills] Athletics, Dodge, Intimidate
[Talents] Sound Constitution, Takedown, Crippling Strike, Weapons Training (Bolt)
[Armor Features] AP 6 (Full Body), Conversion Field, Respirator, Preysense Goggles, Survival Suit
[Internal Weapons] Power Fist x2 (can fight with both), Bolt Launchers (Use Bolt Pistol Stats, integrated into the power fists)

Jakara (Weapon Specialists)
[Characteristic Modifiers] +20 Weapon Skill, +20 Willpower, -10 Strength, -10 Perception
[Skills] Dodge, Inquiry, Parry
[Talents] Frenzy, Sure Strike, Battle Rage, Weapons Training (Power)
[Armor Features] AP 6 (Full Body), Preysense Goggles, Respirator, Survival Suit
[Internal Weapons] Power Sword, Power Shield (Use Shield Stats) – Special Rule – Power Shields can reflect energy weapon attacks. Any successful ranged energy (E) type attack made against the Jakara can be parried back (as a reaction) to the user with a -10 (along with additional ranged modifiers). If the Jakara fails the parry, they take damage as normal.

Malcadon (Weapon Specialists)
[Characteristic Modifiers] +20 Weapon Skill, +20 Agility, -10 Intelligence, -10 Fellowship
[Skills] Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth
[Talents] Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Reaction, Weapons Training (Low-Tech)
[Armor Features] AP 6 (Full Body), Fast Climb & Leap (+30 to tests involving climbing or leaping), Preysense Goggles, Survival Suit, Grav Chute, Respirator
[Internal Weapons] Claws x2 1d10+Strength R, Mono (Give +10 bonus to parry, can be used for two weapon fighting), Webs – Creates webbing to ensnare target (Use rules for Bolas),

Yeld (Weapon Specialists)
[Characteristic Modifiers] +20 Ballistic Skill, +20 Perception, -10 Toughness, -10 Willpower
[Skills] Awareness, Dodge, Stealth
[Talents] Deadeye Shot, Mimic, Marksman, Weapons Training (Needle Rifle)
[Armor Features] AP 6 (Full Body), Wings (Allows user to fly. Distance is same as pace, but ignores terrain), Chameleon Cloak, Photo Visor, Respirator, Survival Suit
[Internal Weapons] Needle Rifle, Wings 1D10+Strength R (Mono Upgrade),

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