Geometric Binder

The Geometric Binder is a class I think has legs, and have not had the time to finish up. I’ll post the current draft here, and if/when finished I’ll do a version in The Showroom. Very open to feedback on this.

The goal of the Geometric Binder is to serve as a replacement to the 3.5 binder class, which was fine, and give something a little bit more thematic. This puts more focus on the binding portion of the class, and makes it less of a pick your set of SLAs.

The Class

I invoke the powers of the Wind and Corruption to bind thee, devil. Be bound and submit to my will.  

The Geometric Binder is the archetypal caster type focused on tapping into the dark power of devils. They have a selection of at will and per encounter abilities they can select and modify on a regular basis. Most abilities start as enhancements to the binder’s form, making them take on aspects of the evil entity, but eventually they learn to summon, control, and even lord over them. 

Hit Die: D8

Skills: 4+Int; appraise, bluff, concentration, craft, decipher script, forgery, gather info, intimidate, knowledge (all), profession, sense motive, speak language, spellcraft, use magic device.

Proficiencies: Simple weapons, light and medium armor, and shields. 

BAB: Medium

Saves: Good Fort and Will. 

  • 1 – Binding, Sacred Shapes, Bound Knights
  • 2 – Communion – Augury
  • 3 – Summon Avatar
  • 4 – Bound Presidents
  • 5 –  
  • 6 – Communion – Commune
  • 7 – Bound Earl
  • 8 – 
  • 9 – Bind Avatar,
  • 10 – Bound Marquis
  • 11 – Communion – Legend Lore
  • 12 – 
  • 13 – Bound Prince
  • 14 – Lesser Retainer
  • 15 – Demand Rank
  • 16 – Bound Duke
  • 17 – Demand Title
  • 18 – Greater Retainer
  • 19 – Final Demand, Bound King
  • 20 – 
  • 21 – Epic Expansion

Binding: Binders can spend 5 minutes drawing a Sacred Shape on the ground, fully enclosing a Seal, and calling forth an avatar of a select entity. This entity emerges from the seal. At this point, the binder must pay the associated costs, and can then converse with the entity. The binder has one hour to choose whether or not they bind an entity, by stepping into the circle and absorbing its essence. A binder who chooses not to bind an entity can dismiss them as a swift action. Once bound, the entity remains so until the binder is slain, or chooses to release their hold. A binder knows the seal for one entity per level. A binder’s caster level for all class features is equal to their binder level. If they have an ability that requires a saving throw, the DC is 10+1/2 HD+Int Mod.

Sacred Shapes: When drawing a binding shape, you use one or more of the sacred shapes. You can use one sacred shape at 1st level, and an additional at level 4, and every 4 levels thereafter. You unlock abilities for each entity based on the shapes used to bind it. EX: When using a single circle to bind an entity, you gain the first circle power. If you use use two circles, you gain the first two circle powers. If you use a circle and a square, you gain the first circle and first square power. When binding, you always get an entities communal powers. 

Bound Knights: At first level, you have access to bind Knights. As you reach level 4, you can begin to learn how to bind Presidents, on to Marquis and so on. 

Communion – Augury: You can cast the augury spell as a spell like ability with a few exceptions. First, the casting time is 30 minutes. Second, the answer is provided by the bound entity. The entity is still bound to answer as per the spell, but if the spell fails, they are free to answer as they wish. This ability can be used at will. 

Summon Avatar: As a standard action, you can summon the avatar of your bound entity. This creature remains summoned for 1 round per binder level. You can summon an avatar once per hour. 

Communion – Commune: You can cast Commune as a spell like ability with the same restrictions as per Augury. 

Bind Avatar: You gain the services of a familiar with the following changes. 

  • Your familiar does not use your skill modifiers, but rather always its own. 
  • Your familiar changes form based on what you have bound. It always has the statistics of an avatar of your entity, with the familiar modifiers applied afterwards. 
  • Your familiar’s intelligence score changes with its current form, not the normal familiar progression.
  • If your familiar is slain, you gain a new one next during the next binding ritual. 
  • If your familiar changes form, it heals as though from a nights rest, but otherwise damage carries over to its new form. 

Communion – Legend Lore: You can cast Legend Lore as a spell like ability with the same restrictions as per Augury. 

Lesser Retainer: You can summon 2d6 imps as a standard action with a 75% chance of success. These imps last for 24 hours or until slain. 

Demand Rank: By 15th level, while not a Devil in name, you are known in infernal circles. As such, you can reasonably demand a noble rank. Along with your rank, a fairly intangible benefit, you gain the common traits shared among all devils. Your type remains the same.

  • Immunity to fire and poison.
  • Resistance to acid 10 and cold 10.
  • See in Darkness (Su): You can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.
  • Telepathy.

Demand Title: As you grow in prestige, you can demand an infernal Title. While infernal Rank means the nobility will talk to you, a title means you have actual governing duties, and can apply punitive measures against those who choose to insult you. You are granted divine governing control of an area of Hell by Asmodaeus himself. You can assume to be collecting enough taxes to sustain a gaudy Hell Castle (use Huge Castle Stats), and are given divine authority to govern a 6 mile radius per 5HD. This territory generally contains a Large City and a small town per 5HD you have beyond 5. Your territory has a lawful evil power center, and NPCs as appropriate for one of its size. Your territory is on a Layer as deemed appropriate by your GM. 

Greater Retainer: You can summon 2d4 Bone Devils as a standard action with a 75% chance of success. These devils last for 24 hours or until slain. 

Final Demand: You are treated as a lesser deity within your domain, and as such gain access to the divinely morphic properties of the infernal planes, while within your realm. If your realm expands through conquest, your reach expands along with it.


What do the entities who get bound think?

Broadly speaking, none of the bound beings enjoy being bound. Think of it as a perpetual tug at the back of your consciousness. That said, binders who frequently bind the same being may develop a certain rapport or understanding. Another important note to keep in mind is that many, or most, of these entities are very persuasive and have goals of their own. If the right bargain is struck a binder may be able to get a willing participant. The DC for such a check is the same as it would require to bring a hostile creature to friendly using whatever diplomacy rules your group is using. While in communication with the binder, an entity cannot use SLAs or activate abilities against them through any means. They are able to send servants or ambassadors in order to persuade the binder against continued binding, but cannot directly take action against the binder. (GM Guidance: these servants should not be of a higher EL than the players should normally expect to face in the course of normal adventuring)

Can I communicate to something I’ve bound

Yes. This can be done in a few ways. First, through the use of your communion ability. Secondly, you and the bound entity share a telepathic bond. While, the entity is under no compulsion to converse with you in a helpful manner, or at all, they might. 

If I bind something, can others bind the same entity?

Yes. All of the devils listed are powerful entities on their own. Binding it only uses a fraction of their power. They aren’t super excited to share that fraction, but it doesn’t stop them from being bound by others. 

How does this square up with a WoTC cosmology?

It doesn’t particularly well. The bindings are from the Lesser Key of Solomon. So… Christianity kind of… or “The Occult” broadly? Anyway, you can swap some names to a WoTC setting if you want, or sub in Golarion if you prefer. You’ll have to do setting work, but most GMs have to do that anyway. The Demand’s may require that you use the demographic stats and planar traits from the DMG which may not translate to other games well. 

This is the coolest. Do you have expansions planned?

Thanks Hypothetical Question Asker. This seems like it wouldn’t be a lot of effort to have a variant with demons, angels, or fey. Other types seem like you could technically, but like you’d lose some of the flavor. A giant binder seems kind of dumb.

Entities to Bind

The following are entities to bind. If I finish this portion, the class can be considered complete.

  • How to read each entry
  • An imaginative, Hugo-Award worthy, short story goes here. 
  • Cost: This cost must be paid each time an entity is bound.
  • Restrictions: While bound, these actions or restrictions are forbidden. If the binder takes them, or breaks the restrictions, the binding is over, and the cost is immediately paid again. 
  • Ability Score Modifiers: Gain the indicated values as an enhancement modifier to the binders ability scores.  
  • Skill Boost: Gain the indicated values as a competence modifier to the binders ability scores.  
  • Special Abilities: A list of special abilities that are granted as (SU) abilities while in this form. 
  • Encounter Power: Each form contains an encounter power that can be used once every 5 minutes. 
  • Circle Power: Each form contains a circle power that can be used if the creature is bound with at least one circle. Some forms have multiple circle powers, which require additional circles, and must be taken in order. 
  • Triangle Power: same as circle
  • Square Power: same as circle
  • Avatar: the avatar summoned or used for avatars. 


(need at least 5 more)


  • Furcas appears in the form of a cruel old man with a long beard riding upon a pale colored horse with a spear in hand. He advocates for Philosophy, Astrology, Rhetoric, Logic, Cheiromancy, and Pyromancy. 
  • Cost
  • Restrictions: 
  • Communal Powers: instantly know the properties of a magic item held as though you had cast the identify spell.  
  • Circle Powers:
    • Read magic at will 
    • Mount 1/binding
    • Detect Secret Doors 1/binding
  • Triangle Powers:
    • Magic Weapon 1/encounter
    • True Strike 1/encounter
    • Burning Hands 1/encounter
  • Square Powers:
    • Whenever you roll initiative against a foe of at least your CR, you gain temp HP equal to your HD+Con mod. 
    • You are under the effect of the deathwatch spell at all times. 
    • You are under the effects of the endure elements spell at all times
  • Avatar: Light Warhorse. 


(Need at least 5 more)


  • Camio, or Caim, appears in the form of a bird called a thrush at first. Once bound, he takes the form of a man with a sharp blade. He is a good disputer and can speak with animals or act as the voice of the waters. He gives answers of things to come. 
  • Cost: a waterskin of fresh potable water, dumped out at the completion of the ritual. 
  • Restrictions: Cannot harm an animal while bound. Regardless of the reason. 
  • Communal Powers: you are continually under the effects of the speak with animals spell.
  • Circle Powers:
    • You gain the ability to Rebuke Water elementals a number of times per day equal to 3+Cha mod. 
    • Suggestion 1/encounter 
    • You are under the effects of tongues
  • Triangle Powers:
    • Spiritual Weapon 1/encounter
    • Enthrall 1/encounter
    • Flame Blade 1/encounter (this blade does cold damage, not fire)
  • Square Powers:
    • Resist Cold 10 
    • You gain water breathing. 
    • +4 insight bonus to initiative.
  • Avatar: Giant Eagle


(need 5 more)


  • He appears like a great bull with a man’s face. His office is to make men very knowing in astronomy and other liberal sciences. He can give good familiars and is wise in knowledge on herbs and stones. 
  • Cost: 1HD worth of animals, whose corpses are strewn about within the circle. 
  • Restrictions: cannot rest indoors
  • Communal Powers: DR 5/magic
  • Circle Powers:
    • Giant Vermin 1/binding 
    • Enlarge Person mass 1/binding
    • Divine Power 1/encounter  
  • Triangle Powers:
    • Fear 1/encounter 
    • Rusting Grasp 1/encounter
    • Summon Monster IV 1/encounter. mephit only.
  • Square Powers:
    • DR 5/-
    • If you have a familiar, it gains +2 Natural Armor and +2HP per binder level.
    • Your reflex saves become good.
  • Avatar: Giant Stag Beetle


(Need 5 more)


  • He appears like the bird phoenix having the voice of a child. He sings many sweet notes before the binder which must not be regarded before Phenex takes human shape. He will speak marvelously of science, and is a fine and excellent poet. 
  • Cost: All within earshot of binding make a will save or become fascinated for 3d6 minutes upon binding. 
  • Restrictions
  • Communal Powers: Fly speed of 30ft good
  • Circle Powers:
    • Mislead 1/encounter
    • Eagles Splendor, Mass, at will
    • Geas 1/binding 
  • Triangle Powers:
    • Dominate Person 1/encounter
    • Wall of Fire 1/encounter
    • Flame Strike 1/encounter
  • Square Powers:
    • Resist fire 20
    • +4 will saves vs enchantment and illusion
    • Stoneskin 1/binding
  • Avatar: Nymph


(5 more)


  • Stolas is a great and powerful prince appearing in the shape of a mighty crowned owl with the long legs of a man. He teaches astronomy and the virtues of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones. 
  • Cost: You must ingest a poison at the completion of the ritual. 
  • Restrictions
  • Communal Powers: continuously under the effects of feather fall
  • Circle Powers:
    • Treasure Hound: you can use the track function of the survival skill smell gems and precious metals to track precious metals by scent. Assume every 100gp is the equivalent of a single person traveling. 
    • Animate Plants 1/Encounter
    • Stone Shape 1/Encounter
  • Triangle Powers:
    • Your touch is always under the effects of the poison spell. 
    • Prismatic Spray 1/encounter
    • Flesh to Stone 1/encounter
  • Square Powers:
    • Immunity to Poison
    • Immunity to Disease
    • Immunity to Death Effects
  • Avatar: Abyssal Greater Basilisk


(5 more)


  • Sallos, Zaleos, or Saleos, takes the form of a gallant soldier riding a crocodile mount with a crown upon his head. He causes the love of women to men and men to women.
  • Cost: You become shaken for 24 hours from the moment you bind Sallos. (Will negates)
  • Restrictions: You cannot turn down an advance from your attracted sex.
  • Communal Powers: You are continually under the effects of an unholy or holy aura. 
  • Circle Powers:
    • You are perpetually under the effects of the glibness spell. 
    • You are sustained without the need to breathe. 
    • Trap the Soul 1/binding.
  • Triangle Powers:
    • You gain a Good base attack bonus and can choose to add your charisma to grapple checks.
    • Charm Monster Mass 1/encounter
    • Shout, greater 1/encounter
  • Square Powers:
    • Immunity to Charm
    • Immunity to Compulsion
    • Roll will saves upon seeing illusions, not interacting with them. This will alert you that something is off, but not necessarily what, if you fail the saving throw. 
  • Avatar: Mature Adult Green Dragon


(5 more)


  • Beleth is a mighty and terrible king. He rides on a pale horse with trumpets and other kinds of musical instruments playing before him. He is furious on first appearance, but upon seeing the binder strike forth with a hazel wand at the south and east making a triangle and command Beleth he will follow with obedience. Yet you must receive him courteously, because he is a great king. 
  • Cost: You must fill a copper cup, placed in the center of the circle, with your own blood, dealing 10d6 damage to yourself. Beleth will spill the blood at the completion of the ritual. 
  • Restrictions: You cannot suffer an insult without increased reproach. A friendly jest is met with an angry bark. Anger is returned with rage. Rage with violence. Violence with death. 
  • Communal Powers: You gain regeneration 1. Silver deals normal damage to you.
  • Circle Powers:
    • You are under continual effects of freedom of movement. 
    • You can travel to Hades as per the plane shift spell at will.
    • Wish 1/Binding
  • Triangle Powers:
    • Mage’s Disjunction 1/encounter
    • Energy Drain 1/encounter
    • Wail of the Banshee 1/encounter
  • Square Powers:
    • Immunity to fear
    • Immunity to death effects
    • Immunity to negative energy
  • Avatar: Marilith


  • Entity 1
  • [PIC]
  • Description
  • Cost
  • Restrictions:
  • Communal Powers:
  • Circle Power
  • Triangle Power:
  • Square Power: 
  • Avatar:

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