K20 Primal Characters

Primal magic allows characters to tap into the foundational energy of nature. These characters take on aspects of their animal and plant brethren, past or present, and use their abilities. Primal characters often have rituals and ceremonies paying respect to these progenitors and tend to treat the natural world as holy.

Primal characters generally have physical Totems used during regular prayer and called upon in battle to grant power for a short burst. Totems do not have to be prepared each day and can be called upon at will for short bursts of power. These totems last until expended by a class ability or dismissed as a free action, unless otherwise specified. A totem can be dismissed without expending it as a free action. To call a new totem requires a full round of prayer. A character can only have one active totem at a given time.

Primal Characters

Heroic Primal

A heroic tier primal character gains access to one totem per level from the list provided by their class. While a totem is manifested, the character takes on visual traits of the totem, although this has no mechanical effect. For example, an eagle totem ranger may gain feathers intermixed with their hair.

These totems should be considered malleable, and there is no reason a crab totem barbarian cannot be a lobster totem.



The Barbarian takes on the forms of mighty natural defenders. He keeps his team alive by being one of the biggest guys on the field and positioning himself in places where he cannot be ignored.

  • HP: 11 at first level, plus 5+1d6 at each level afterwards.
  • BAB: Good
  • Saves: Good Fort and Reflex. Bad Will.
  • Level 1 – Trap Sense +1 – You gain the indicated bonus as a dodge bonus to AC and reflex saves against traps. In addition, you always retain your dexterity bonus to AC.
  • Level 2 – Rage – After taking damage, you can choose to enter a rage. You gain +4 enhancement to Strength and Con, but take a -2 penalty to AC. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to your new con score. While raging, you cannot make intelligence-based skill checks.
  • Level 3 – Trap Sense +2 – In addition, you can no longer be flanked by creatures of your level or lower.
  • Level 4 – Boundless Rage – While in a rage, you continue acting as normal in negative hit points and are only slain when you reach negative con score instead of the normal -10.
  • Level 5 – Trap Sense +3 – In addition, you always act during a surprise round.

Barbarian Totems

  1. Ape – The ape totem grants a climb speed of 30ft/round. It also grants proficiency in any thrown improvised weapon (dealing damage as normal for an object of its size). You can expend this totem as a standard action to move double your move speed without provoking an attack of opportunity.
  2. Bear – The bear totem grants you the improved grab ability on any melee attack you make. You are also treated as one size larger than normal for all grapple checks you make. You can expend the totem to double your normal reach for one round.
  3. Beetle – the beetle totem gives +1 Natural Armor per character level. In addition, your carrying capacity is quadrupled. Lastly, it can be expended to grant a fly speed of 60ft poor for 1 round.
  4. Boar – The boar totem grants fast healing 1 per round. This increases by 1 point per 3 levels. The totem can be expended to enter a furious boar’s rage for one round. This grants the character +4 str, +4 Con, DR/10, +10ft move speed, and -4 Will saves. This ability lasts for 5 minutes. Note the fast healing ends as soon as the ability is expended.
  5. Cactus – The cactus totem grants the ability to survive without water. In addition, whenever someone strikes you in melee combat, they take 1 point of piercing damage per character level. Reflex save DC 10+level for half. A cactus totem Barbarian can expend their totem as a full round action in order to erupt in a volley of spines dealing 1d6/level piercing damage to all within 30ft. Reflex save DC 10+level for half.
  6. Constrictor – The constrictor totem allows the character a few abilities. First, they cannot be knocked prone if they do not wish. Second, they can occupy enemy spaces without provoking attacks of opportunity. Third, they can squeeze through spaces as though they were two size categories smaller. Lastly, they can initiate a grapple without provoking an attack of opportunity. This totem can be expended to swallow a grappled creature whole with a successful grapple check. The creature must be no more than 1 size category smaller than the barbarian. The barbarian feels no discomfort from this, but the swallowed creature takes 1d6+1 per level acid damage per round and can burst free with a successful grapple check. It is too tight to make any attacks. A medium constrictor has room for one small creature or two tiny creatures in their stomach at a time.
  7. Crab – The crab totem grants the ability to breathe under water and immunity to pressure from oceanic depths. It does not grant a swim speed. Additionally, the crab totem grants the ability to make a number of extra attacks of opportunity equal to their character level. This totem can be expended to cure a disease afflicting the barbarian.
  8. Oak – The oak totem grants DR 1/level against all attacks. If you expend the totem, you can ignore all damage from a single spell or attack. You can use this ability after you know the damage roll.
  9. Tortoise – The tortoise totem grants a +1 armor bonus to AC per character level. It also grants a natural bite attack dealing 1d6+1/2 str mod. This totem can be expended as an immediate action to reset your initiative to one above the current count. You then take an entire turn. Because this is an interrupt, you can do this during the middle of another character’s turn. If you do, take your turn immediately, and then let them resume theirs. You go immediatley after them in future rounds. This is most particularly effective if you have already taken your turn that round.
  10. Whale – The whale totem gives temp HP equal to ½ your maximum HP. This temp HP lasts so long as the whale totem is in effect but does not restore unless the totem is reactivated. Additionally, the Whale totem can be expended to heal back to full HP.



The druid is the iconic nature priest and protector of the woodland creatures. They tend to the plants and animals, ensuring their best interests are represented in the world of man. Their magic focuses on the restoration and curative powers of nature.

  • HP: 6 at first level, plus 1d6 at each level afterwards.
  • BAB: Poor
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 1 – Good berry – A druid can harvest 1d6 goodberries each day. These berries are transformed from any natural berry growing in the area, and even cities seem to have some the druid can find. When eaten, each of these berries restore hit points as though from a full night’s rest and can sustain a medium creature with all the food they need for the day. The berries spoil overnight.
  • Level 2 – Ancient Druidic – You can speak with animals as though they had an int score of 10 and they shared a language. No one else can speak with, hear, or understand the animals. The animals do not actually have an int score of 10. The animals recognize druidic and are generally helpful and willing to share what they have seen, but do not have knowledge of events they have not seen. This has no impact on animals that normally have an int score of 10 or higher.
  • Level 3 – Pass without Trace – In natural environments (not cities or planes other than the druid’s home one), a druid leaves no trace. The plants, and even the stone seem to shift to prevent footprints or anything that could be used to track the druid. Tracking a druid is impossible.
  • Level 4 – Plant Growth – with a 1-hour ritual, the druid can improve plant growth in a 1-mile radius. The growth of these plants over the next year is doubled. This doubles any harvest of crops.
  • Level 5 – Timeless Body – The druid no longer takes penalties for aging and cannot be magically aged. Bonuses still accrue and the druid still dies of old age.

Druid Totems

  1. Bat – The bat totem grants Darkvision 120ft, and blind sense 20ft. The bat totem can be expended as a full round action as part of a melee touch attack. If successful, the bat bites their target dealing 1d6 con damage, and healing for 5 HP per point of con damage.
  2. Dolphin – the dolphin totem grants a swim speed of 50ft and water breathing. Additionally, they function best as a pod, and gain an additional +4 bonus when making aid another checks. This ability can be expended to make a charge attack that stuns its target on a successful hit for 1d4 rounds DC 10+level fort save negates. 
  3. Flower – The flower totem can grow restorative flowers from anything with a standard action and a touch. These flowers can cure any poison when smelled, but only last for 1 hour after being picked. The flower totem can be expended as a swift action to create a field of flowers in a 50ft radius within 200ft. These flowers range from 1-2ft high and are any common variety.
  4. Fox – While the fox totem is active, you can take an extra 5ft step each round. In addition, you gain a +10 bonus to your movement speed. You can expend it as a move action to grant all allies within 50ft an extra move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. 
  5. Grass – The grass totem allows you to draw natural healing from the grass itself. So long as you and a target within line of sight are touching the same plot of grass, you can heal them 1d6/level hit points per round as a full round action by crouching and touching the grass. You can expend this power to be instantly teleported along the grass as per the dimension door spell. The only change is that your range is limited to the same contiguous section of grass. This is fantastic in the plains.
  6. Horse – The horse totem grants +30ft to its move speed and quadruples your carrying capacity. Additionally, you can carry an ally of your size or smaller at no penalty. You can expend this power to grant all allies within line of sight +30 enhancement to move speed for 1d6 rounds.
  7. Moth – You gain a fly speed of 20ft poor and Darkvision 60ft. In addition, you can drop moth dust on those below. This has two effects at your discretion. First, it can awaken a sleeping creature (no save or check). Second, it can put a creature to sleep DC 10+level will save. The dust can fall up to 100ft before losing potency but does not function in high winds. Moth totem can be expended as a standard action to beam a bright beam of moonlight at any target within 120 ft. This acts as a lantern, and deals 1d6 damage per level to undead, no save. After the initial damage, the target glows like a lantern for the next 1d6 hours. 
  8. Snail – The snail totem reduces movement speed by 10ft and grants continuous use of the spider climb spell. Additionally, the snail totem has its carrying capacity quadrupled, and gains a natural armor bonus of +1 +1/3 levels. The snail totem leaves a trail for 1 minute behind it when it moves. Any creature passing through this trail must make a balance check DC 10 or fall prone. Lastly, the snail totem grants immunity to the following conditions: Blown Away, Checked, Entangled, Exhausted, Fatigued, Flat footed, Knocked Down, Nauseated, Paralyzed, Petrified, Pinned, Prone, Sickened, and Stunned. The snail totem can be expended to remove these conditions from any ally touched.
  9. Starfish – The starfish grants water breathing and fast healing 5/level. This fast healing can be reduced by any number and given to a creature touched as a standard action. They retain the fast healing so long as the starfish totem is active. The fast healing can be revoked on the starfish’s turn as a standard action. The starfish can be expended as a standard action to regrow any lost limb on the starfish or willing creature touched. This can restore blindness and deafness as well.
  10. Willow – The willow totem allows the caster to speak with plants as though they had an intelligence score equal to 10 and they shared a language. No one else can speak with, hear, or understand the plants. The plants do not actually have an int score of 10. Plants are generally helpful and willing to share what they have seen but are also generally not mobile and do not have knowledge of events they have not seen. This has no impact on a plant’s int score if it is normally 10 or above. The willow totem can be expended after an hour of work to animate a plant for a day granting it mental stats of 10+2d6 and the ability to move about on its roots and vines at a speed of 20ft per round.   



The ranger is an expert hunter. She can track her prey across any terrain and deal loads of damage once she catches him. Rangers have ways to damage opponents in melee or at a range, ensuring they are always prepared. They can also avoid and get away, to come back later, if need be.

  • HP: 9 at first level, plus 3+1d6 at each level afterwards.
  • BAB: Good
  • Saves: Good Fort and Reflex. Bad Will.
  • Level 1 – Woodland Stride – You may move through difficult terrain at normal speed without taking damage or being slowed. Magically induced difficult terrain may still deal damage but does not impede your movement.
  • Level 2 – Quarry – You can designate a foe as your quarry. Against this foe, all your attacks deal +1d6 damage per 2 levels, and you gain +level to bluff, listen, sense motive, spot, and survival checks against this target. In addition, as a full round action you can learn the very approximate cardinal direction of your target. The results are given in one of the following. NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W. You do not know distance.
  • Level 3 – Hide in Plain Sight – You can make hide checks while being observed without penalty. You do not need cover or concealment to do this.
  • Level 4 – Evasion – A ranger can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If he makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage. A helpless ranger does not gain the benefit of evasion.
  • Level 5 – Combat Style – You have developed a unique combat style for which you are known. You gain a bonus to hit equal to your class level when using a specific weapon type of your choice. This can be changed with a week of practice.

Ranger Totems

  1. Cobra – The cobra totem grants immunity to injury-based poison. In addition, all your attacks deal an extra +1d6 acid damage a round. This increases by +1d6 for every 3 levels. The cobra totem can be expended to scare your foes. As a Free action, choose a foe who can see you. This opponent makes a will save DC 10+level or becomes panicked for 1d4 rounds.
  2. Eagle – The eagle totem grants continuous use of the feather fall spell. In addition, when attacking from above, you can make a jump check and add the results to the damage of your next attack. The eagle totem can be expended as a free action to gain +20 to your next spot check.
  3. Flytrap – The flytrap totem passively increases damage if you take no actions. As soon as initiative is rolled and adrenaline gets flowing, the flytrap strikes a pose. For every round spent without taking actions (except free), the flytrap gains +1/level to hit and +2d6/level to their next attack’s damage. This damage requires your target to be aware of you and have rolled initiative as well. This totem can be expended during a surprise round to grant you a full rounds worth of actions as a swift action.
  4. Komodo – This totem grants immunity to ingested poisons. In addition, you are poisonous. The poison is injury based and deals 1d6 con/1d6 con with a DC equal to 10+your level when harvested. You can produce a number of doses equal to your con modifier if you are harvesting it, or unlimited supply if you have a bite attack from another source. This totem does not give a bite attack. This totem can be expended to cure any disease inflicting you.
  5. Lion – This totem grants the pounce ability. In addition, it can be expended with a roar as a standard action. Any enemy within 30ft who hears it makes a will save DC 10+level or becomes frightened for 1d4 rounds.
  6. Mantis – The mantis totem grants the ability to perceive small cracks and chinks in armor. You ignore shield bonuses to AC and can ignore half of all armor bonuses as well. In addition, you can expend it to make a killing strike as a standard action. In addition to normal damage, the creature struck must make a fort save DC 10+level or be slain instantly. Success on the save adds 5d6 to the damage.
  7. Scorpion – The scorpion totem applies a paralytic effect on all strikes. Any opponent struck by your attacks must succeed on a DC 10+ Con mod saving throw. Failure means they are paralyzed for one round. You can expend this totem to increase the paralysis to 24 hours.
  8. Shark – The shark totem grants a swim speed of 40ft per round and the ability to breathe under water. Additionally, while in water you gain the scent ability. Lastly if you only make a single attack in a round (including attacks of opportunity) it deals double the normal damage (following normal rules for critical hits). This totem can be expended to move X3 your move speed in a straight line as a free action. 
  9. Wasp – The wasp totem gains a fly speed of 20ft (poor). This increases to 20ft (good) at 10th level. This totem can be expended as part of an attack roll. If successful, the target makes a fort save DC 10+level or is slain outright.
  10. Wolf – the wolf totem grants +10ft to move speed. In addition, the wolf totem can make a free trip attempt after any successful melee attack. This totem can be expended to “gain the scent”. Gaining the scent is a standard action and can target any creature within 10ft (no save). Once done, you can track the creature by scent for up to 24 hours per character level.



The transmuter provides tons of natural utility to her party. She can modify their statistics on the fly, or eventually change their forms for long durations. Additionally, her totems allow her a large amount of battlefield control, ensuring her allies always fight in the best conditions.

  • HP: 6 at first level, plus 1d6 at each level afterwards.
  • BAB: Poor
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 1 – Transmute – You can grant a creature touched a +4 bonus to any ability score of your choice as a standard action. This bonus lasts for 1 min/level, and a creature can only benefit from one Transmutation at a time.
  • Level 2 – Entangle – With a touch you can cause a plant or field of grass to attempt to entangle a target who stands upon or within reach of the plant. They twist and entwine forcing a reflex save DC 10+Wisdom modifier. On a failure the target creature is entangled requiring a full round action and DC 20 strength or Acrobatics check to break free. If this attack misses, or the target breaks free, the plants stop until commanded again.
  • Level 3 – Fortify Plants – You can fortify wood turning it into Darkwood with a touch. You can transmute 10lbs per day per character level. Partial Darkwood gains no benefits.
  • Level 4 – Wood Shape – Wood shape enables you to form one existing piece of wood into any shape that suits your purpose as a standard action. With a touch, you can shape up to 10+1 cubic ft per level. While it is possible to make crude doors, and so forth, fine detail is not possible. There is a 30% chance that any shape that includes moving parts simply does not work. This can be applied to living plants but causes no damage or inconvenience.
  • Level 5 -Alterations – You can alter any animal or plant with an hour of work as described below. Note transformed creatures do not gain special abilities of the new form with the following exceptions: Movement, speed, natural attacks, and extraordinary attacks. Statistics remain unchanged.
Changed Subject Is:Increase to Duration Factor
Add all that apply. Look up the total on the next table.
Same kingdom (animal, vegetable)+5
Same class (mammals, fungi, reptiles, etc.)+2
Same size+2
Related (twig is to tree, wolf fur is to wolf, etc.)+2
Same or lower Intelligence+2
Duration FactorDurationExample
01 roundtwig to Gorilla
21 minuteGorilla to twig
45 minutesGorilla to hedge
510 minutesGorilla to Gecko
71 hourGorilla to Mouse
9+10 hoursGorilla to Orangutan
Minor ChangepermanentHair color


  1. Centipede – The centipede totem grants the ability to spew poisonous clouds at will. These clouds emanate in a 10ft radius from the caster causing nausea to any who breathe air. Fort save DC 10+ Con mod. The clouds follow the caster in an aura and provide light concealment to any attacking in or out. This power can be expended as a move action to gain a double move without attacks of opportunity, and a climb speed of 20ft for this round.
  2. Eel – The eel totem grants a swim of 30ft per round and water breathing. Additionally, you can shoot arcs of lightning at any within 100ft as a ranged touch attack (+4 vs creatures in metal armor). These arcs deal 1d6 / level electric damage. You can expend this power as a standard action to shoot an arc of lightning at all targets within a 30ft radius following the same rules as normal.
  3. Frog – The frog totem grants a +20ft move speed, to the first move action you take each round. Additionally, you gain +10+level to jump checks, and are always treated as running. Lastly, you can use your tongue as an improvised whip with which you are proficient. At your discretion, you can grab unattended objects within reach with no chance of failure. Attended objects owners are given a reflex save DC 10+dex mod. You can expend this totem as a standard action to eat anything that fits in your mouth and suffer no ill effects for it. This does not expand stomach capacity.
  4. Jellyfish – The jellyfish totem is immune to precision-based damage and critical hits. Secondly, anyone who touches the jellyfish in melee takes 1d6 acid damage. Lastly, the jellyfish can choose to expend this power as an immediate reaction when it deals acid damage. If so, the target must also make a DC 10+Level save or be paralyzed for 1d10X10 minutes.
  5. Kudzu – The kudzu totem wielder leaves a trail of vines and undergrowth behind them when they walk at all times. Generally, shopkeepers are not happy about this. It is not magically sustained, and generally will die when spread in a place like a cave. These vines act as difficult terrain for any except for someone with the kudzu totem active. The kudzu totem can be expended as a standard action to make a grapple check against any number of creatures within line of sight that are in or adjacent to the kudzu trail. These grapple checks are made with the casters BAB as a medium sized creature and a strength score of 26. They continue against each creature until it breaks free, at which point they cease.
  6. Mole – The mole totem gains a burrow speed of 20ft/round and blind sight. The tunnels left by the mole are traversable by creatures of the moles size or smaller and can be dug through solid stone as hard as granite (but not harder). As a full round action, the mole totem can be expended to dig a tunnel 80ft long. This digging does not provoke attacks of opportunity and can pass through any non-magical objects regardless of hardness.
  7. Monkey – The monkey totem grants a climb speed of 30ft/round and a prehensile tail that can be used to hold or manipulate objects, but not make attacks. It can activate magic items. Lastly, it grants +5+level to tumble checks. The monkey totem can be expended to generate and throw a vile sludge of bodily fluids (urine, feces, vomit, hair, other?) causing blindness and nausea on a successful touch attack. DC 10+Level fort save negates.
  8. Octopus – The octopus totem grants +5+Level to Acrobatics checks. It grants a swim speed of 20ft and water breathing. Lastly, it grants the ability to spread ink clouds as a standard action. In water, this provides total concealment in a 20ft radius. In air, this acts as a greasing agent in a 10ft radius, requiring balance DC 10 checks each round against falling prone. The octopus is not immune to these effects. The octopus can expend this totem to squeeze through any opening with at least 3 inches diameter. This tunnel can be up to 1ft/level in length. If the octopus cannot make this movement in a single round, they are expelled back at the point of entrance.
  9. Spider – Spider totems grant a list of abilities. First, they can stick to walls, and do not need to make climb checks. They can move at their normal speed while doing this. Second, they gain the ability to spit an entangling web up to 60ft as a ranged touch attack. If successful, the target is entangled until they break free. Breaking free requires flames applied to the web (probably burning the creature inside), or a strength check to burst DC 15+Con mod as a standard action. The spider totem can be expended as a full round action as part of a melee touch attack. If successful, the spider bites their target dealing 1d6 con damage, and healing for 5 HP per point of con damage.
  10. Vulture – The vulture totem is immune to disease or sickness caused by ingestion and is immune to all forms of nausea. The vulture can vomit acid on an adjacent creature for 1d6 acid damage per level reflex save DC 10+level for half. This totem can be expended to erupt in a cloud of stink causing nausea to all within 30ft fort save DC 10+level negates. The vulture is immune to their own stink cloud, regardless of the fact that they lose their blanket nausea immunity by expending their totem. 

Prestige Primal

Flesh Warper

A flesh warper is a sculptor of the animal form. Their focus is the ability to apply permanent modifications to their allies’ natural abilities. A party with a fleshwarper is often an unsightly, monstrous, powerhouse team.

  • HP: 3+d6 per level.
  • BAB: Poor
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 6 – Warp Flesh – After performing an hour-long ritual of hideous warping flesh, the warper can add or remove a natural weapon to a target ally. The ally can use the natural weapon and deal damage normally for one of its size. This ritual consumes 100 carats of amber.
  • Level 7 – Totem Bind – The flesh warper can give one of his totem powers to an ally through a ritual taking 24 hours, and 1,000 carats of amber. The target of this ability gains the expenditure ability from the totem chosen once per day. This has no effect on the flesh warper if they use it on themselves.
  • Level 8 – Preservatives – The flesh warper can eek precious amber from harvested trees. Through a weeklong drying and preservation process the warper can speed up the normal time required to harvest amber significantly. Doing this requires destruction of the tree and produces 1 carat of amber per 100 lbs. of wood. A warper can produce 1 carat per character level at a time.
  • Level 9 – Morphic Body – As a standard action, the flesh warper can grow a single natural weapon. They can only have one type of natural weapon at a time, but some (like claws) come in pairs. Furthermore, they can gain any of the following abilities. Wings (Flight 60ft good), Echolocation (Blindsense 60ft), or Gills (Water breathing). These last until the character sleeps next. In addition, the flesh warper is always immune to critical hits or sneak attacks.
  • Level 10 – Hostile Morphing – A flesh warper can use their warp flesh ability on unwilling targets, provided the target is helpless for the entire period.


The juggernaut is an unstoppable force of nature, relying on his size and impressive stature to keep his foes at bay.

  • HP: 8+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Poor
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 6 – Increased Size – The juggernaut’s size increases by one category as soon as they enter this class. Their strength and constitution increase by 4, but otherwise no statistic adjustments for size are made.
  • Level 6 – New Totem – The juggernaut adds the Buffalo totem to their totem list.
  • Level 7 – Fists of Stone – When using slam attacks or natural weapons, the juggernaut bypasses any forms of DR or hardness. In addition, they gain a natural slam attack dealing 2d6 damage.
  • Level 8 – New Totem – The juggernaut adds the Rhino to their totem list.
  • Level 9 – Unstoppable – You are immune to the following conditions: blown away, checked, entangled, paralyzed, petrified, and stunned. Additionally, you are not encumbered by medium or heavy loads.
  • Level 10 – New Totem – Elephant

Juggernaut Totems

  1. Buffalo – The buffalo totem grants the ability to overrun as a standard action without provoking attacks of opportunity. If you knock the target prone, they take 8d6 + 3X your strength modifier in damage. If you succeed at an overrun action against one target and have additional movement left, you are allowed to continue making over run attempts against additional targets, but a target can only take damage from this once per round. You can expend this totem to automatically succeed an overrun attempt against anyone smaller than you.
  2. Elephant – This totem grants +8 str and con. In addition, you can project your voice audibly up to 10 miles. Lastly, you can expend this ability to increase your carrying capacity by X4 for one round.
  3. Rhino – This totem allows you to add your constitution modifier to your AC as a natural armor bonus. Additionally, if you charge, your slam deals 4d6+3X str mod. This can be expended as part of a charge to deal an additional X5 damage.


The protector is a guardian of nature and the woodland beasts who uses his magic to defend a natural area from those who wish to “civilize” it. Often this is a forest, but it would be a desert or ocean as needed. Typically, a protector communes with local fey to perform this duty.

  • HP: 8+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Good
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 6 – Fey Pact – The Protector has made a pact with the fey courts. This means a few things. First, the courts can make requests and send him on quests. Secondly, the protector generally knows how to find access to the plane of shadow, and can cast the planeshift spell at will, but this only allows travel to the material plane, or the plane of shadow. The protector is generally considered to be in good standing with the court, but they owe him no favors by default. Lastly, the protector gains DR 10/Silver.
  • Level 7 – Call Fey Allies – The protector can perform an hour-long ritual summoning a fey creature with a CR equal to his hit die. This creature is generally loyal, and helpful to the protector. The protector can have as many summoned HD of fey as the protector has HD themselves. Any additional fey attempted to be summoned simply ignore the call.
  • Level 8 – Craft Protective Charm – The Protector can shape magical protection items using raw amber. The protector can craft amulets, cloaks, belts, and rings. These items require 5,000 carats per level of the item. All crafting takes 1 week.
  • Level 9 – Fairy Ring – You can craft a fairy ring by treating the ground with a concoction of 100 amber. That night, a collection of minor fey of about 1 inch high will congregate by moonlight and dance around it for up to 8 hours. Any who join them for the full duration of their revelry are fully healed, and cured of any disease, curse, poison, or disability. Any who step into the ring are transported randomly to the plane of shadow, no save. After the dancing ritual, the ring ceases to function.
  • Level 10 – Geas – You gain the ability to bind others to your will. This is a compulsion, mind-affecting power. A geas places a magical command on a creature to carry out some service or to refrain from some action or course of activity, as desired by you. While a geas cannot compel a creature to kill itself or perform acts that would result in certain death, it can cause almost any other course of activity. The geased creature must follow the given instructions until the geas is completed, no matter how long it takes. If the instructions involve some open-ended tasks that the recipient cannot complete through his own actions the spell remains in effect for a maximum of one day per level. A clever recipient can subvert some instructions: If the subject is prevented from obeying the geas for 24 hours, it takes a -2 penalty to each of its ability scores and make a saving throw DC 10 + Level or become sickened. Each day, another -2 penalty accumulates, and another saving throw is required. The ability score penalties are removed 24 hours after the subject resumes obeying the geas.


The shaper shapes the trees and the forests to their will, growing and cultivating green. Deserts, caves, and other environments make them uncomfortable, but their ability to change this terrain is unrivaled.

  • HP: 3+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Poor
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 6 – Control Weather – You can alter the weather to increase crop yield in a two-mile radius with a 10-minute ritual. You change the weather in the local area. It takes 10 minutes to cast the spell and an additional 10 minutes for the effects to manifest. This weather takes 4d12 days to return to normal. You can call forth weather appropriate to the climate and season of the area you are in. You control the general tendencies of the weather, such as the direction and intensity of the wind. You cannot control specific applications of the weather—where lightning strikes, for example, or the exact path of a tornado. When you select a certain weather condition to occur, the weather assumes that condition 10 minutes later (changing gradually, not abruptly). The weather continues as you left it for the duration, or until you use a standard action to designate a new kind of weather (which fully manifests itself 10 minutes later). Contradictory conditions are not possible simultaneously. Control weather can also be used to do away with atmospheric phenomena (naturally occurring or otherwise). Each use of this ability requires 100 amber.
SeasonPossible Weather
SpringTornado, thunderstorm, sleet storm, or hot weather
SummerTorrential rain, heat wave, or hailstorm
AutumnHot or cold weather, fog, or sleet
WinterFrigid cold, blizzard, or thaw
Late winterEarly spring
  • Level 7 – Craft Wooden Implements – the shaper can craft magical staffs and wands using raw amber. These items require 1,000 carats of amber per level of the item. All crafting takes 1 week. Items with charges are always crafted at max charge.
  • Level 8 – Nature’s Bounty – The shaper can spend a night alone isolated in the woods and return with 10 carats worth of amber. They are always mysterious on how they get it, but it cannot work if they are observed, or interrupted during their 8-hour nocturnal work.
  • Level 9 – Awaken Guardian – With a 10-minute ritual and the expenditure of 10,000 amber, you can transform a living tree into a Treant. This Treant is loyal to you, but not mindless and will generally assist you in whatever you need. The tree used must be at least 20ft tall.
  • Level 10 – New Totem – Forest

Shaper Totem

  1. Forest – The forest totem grants the ability to step from one tree to another as a teleportation effect. You gain the ability to enter trees and move from inside one tree to inside another tree. The first tree you enter and all others you enter must be living and must have girth at least equal to yours. You may choose to pass to any tree within 3000ft. You can expend this totem to immediately grow a tree where you are touching. The diameter of the trunk can be no more than 5ft wide, and the height can be no more than 40. It cannot be grown in a space that cannot accommodate it. The tree is not magically sustained and placing them underground or indoors is not a good long-term plan.


The slayer is an expert hunter skilled at traversing difficult terrain and capturing their prey. This makes them an excellent guide, or deadly assassin.

  • HP: 5+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Good.
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 6 – Mark – As a standard action, they can mark a target creature seen. The slayer always knows the distance (within one mile) and straight-line direction towards their mark. The slayer can have one active mark at a time. Additionally, if the slayer has something as crude as a picture, they can mark their target and learn straight line direction (but not distance).
  • Level 6 – Unrestrained – The Slayer becomes immune to entanglement and difficult terrain, including magically created versions.
  • Level 7 – Woodland Guide – The slayer can share his unrestrained ability with up to 10 creatures per level, while calculating overland travel speeds.
  • Level 7 – Master Tracker – The slayer gains Darkvision 60ft and scent.
  • Level 8 – Craft Natural Weapons – The slayer can craft non-metal weapons and armor using raw amber. These items require 1,000 carats of amber per level of the item. All crafting takes 1 week.
  • Level 9 – Harry – Anyone struck by the slayer’s attacks move at ½ speed for the remainder of the current day. Save DC 10+dex mod.
  • Level 10 – Slaying Arrow – With the expenditure of 100 amber, and a 1-hour ritual, you can create a Slaying Arrow. This arrow is created for a specific target. It is treated as a +5 arrow, and if you make a successful attack with it, the target makes a fort save DC 10+level or is slain outright.


A Vegetate has embraced the plant world and begun a transformation into a living breathing plant beast.

  • HP: 8+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Poor
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 6 – New Totem – Swamp
  • Level 7 – Plant Type – At level 7, the vegetate’s type changes to plant. The vegetate retains their wisdom and charisma scores unlike normal plants.
  • Level 7 – Plant Physiology – The vegetate’s flesh and hair becomes plant like made of bark, plant matter, leaves, flowers, moss, roots, and the like. The vegetate can dictate this appearance once at the beginning of each season.
  • Level 7 – Grasping Roots – you can make unarmed strikes at a range of 100ft+10ft per hd. These strikes can target any number of eligible targets within a 20ft radius. Make a single attack and damage rolls and compare the results to each target individually. Any creature that takes damage makes a fort save dc 10+con mod or becomes entangled.
  • Level 8 – Brew Potions – the vegetate can craft potions using raw amber. These items require 100 carats of amber per level of the item. Potion brewing takes 1 day and produces a batch of 10.
  • Level 9 – Exude Amber – The vegetate can exude 10 carats of amber each day as a free action.
  • Level 10 – Connect to the Green – At level 10, the vegetate has become connected to the green, and can telepathically communicate with any known plant matter on their current plane. Plants do not generally have vision to places they have not been but can still make excellent spies.

Vegetate Totem

  1. Swamp – The swamp totem grants water breathing, and a blind sense for the entire area of the last swamp you spent the night in. This means that you can sense the location of any creature within “Your” swamp, even if you are not currently in the swamp. You can expend this ability to transport yourself from anywhere on the material plane to any location within your swamp you choose. When using this ability, your items fuse into your body, which then melds into the ground. You then meld out of the swamp in the chosen location.

Paragon Primal


The hulk is an incredible monster on a battlefield, towering over the normal troops, and even giants, a hulk can turn the tide of a war on his own.

  • HP: 10+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Good.
  • Saves: Good Fort and Reflex. Bad Will.
  • Level 11 – Increased Size – Increase size category by 1. Increase strength and Constitution by 4 but do not apply any other modifiers to stats for changing size.
  • Level 12 – Leap of Heavens – The Hulk can leap to any location seen. The distance traveled, and duration required is governed by their move speed.
  • Level 13 – Anger – The Hulk can enter fits of primal rage when wounded. In doing so, they gain +2 strength for every 10 points of damage below full health. Temporary hit points do not count as hit points for this ability.
  • Level 14 – Growing Rage – The Hulk can consume a vial of liquid rage, granting a +10 untyped bonus to strength in addition to the new source of anger. Additionally, the corpse of a hulk can be used to bottle a gallon of liquid rage. This must be done within 1 hour of the hulks death and requires a 24-hour ritual and a DC 50 knowledge the planes check to perform.
  • Level 15 – Boundless Rage – After each failed strength check, you can increase your strength score for that check by 2. These checks need to be made in successive rounds without pause. Due to the nature of take 10 and take 20, this grants a +18 and +38 bonus, respectively.


Photo by Creative Vix on Pexels.com

A Primeval taps into ancient pre-historic animals that others have only dreamed of.

  • HP: 8+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Good.
  • Saves: Good Fort and Reflex. Bad Will.
  • Level 11 – Prehistoric Totem – at each level, a primeval gains a new totem. Prehistoric totems greatly change your physical characteristics to the point that you are almost unrecognizable.

Primeval Totems

  1. Ankylosaurs – This totem grants Hardness 20. In addition, while touching stone or dirt, you can open a portal directly to a random location on the elemental plane of earth as a standard action. This portal lasts for 5 minutes.
  2. Brontosaurus – This totem increases your size by 3 sizes or to colossal, whichever is greater. With a standard action, you can expend your totem to perform a stomp. This stomp sends a shockwave to all within a 1-mile radius knocking them prone (reflex save DC 10+level negates). This also damages any building or structure bypassing hardness and dealing 50 damage.
  3. Liopleurodon – This totem grants water breathing and a swim speed of 60ft. In addition, while submerged in water, you can open a portal directly to a random location on the elemental plane of water as a standard action. This portal lasts for 5 minutes.
  4. Mammoth – This totem grants immunity to cold. In addition, you gain DR 1/magic per character level. With a standard action, you can expend your totem to perform a sonic trumpet. This trumpeting yell sends an audible shockwave to all within a 1-mile radius or be knocked prone and deafened (fort save DC 10+level negates). This can be focused to instead bypass hardness and destroy any non-magic object within 30ft. Magic objects get a fort save or are destroyed.
  5. Quetzalcoatlus – This totem grants a fly speed of 60ft good. In addition, you can expend this totem to open a portal directly to a random location on the elemental plane of air as a standard action. This portal lasts for 5 minutes.
  6. Raptor – While on the material plane, you can shift freely between it, the plane of shadows or the ethereal plane (your choice). You can expend this totem to gain +1d6/level sneak attack for the next 5 combat rounds.
  7. Sarcosuchus – This totem grants a swim speed of 60ft. While immobile, you and up to your wisdom modifier in allies gain a bonus to stealth checks equal to 2x your class level. In addition, as a move action, you can expend it to instantly teleport yourself anywhere within line of sight.
  8. Stegosaurs – You can make an attack of opportunity every time someone attacks you in melee. There are no limits to the number of times you can use this ability in a round, and they do not otherwise count against your normal attack of opportunity attempts. You can expend this totem to automatically succeed on a failed will save, by asking your “second brain” to take over.
  9. Triceratops – When charging, you bypass hardness. You can expend this ability to grant its benefit to all allies who can see you charging for their next charge attack.
  10. Tyrannosaurus – You gain a +2/level bonus to grapple checks and the swallow whole ability for creatures up to 1 size category smaller than you. In addition, you can open a portal directly to a random location in the Beastlands as a standard action. This portal lasts for 5 minutes.


The stone speaks to a stoneblessed and tells them its secrets. The stoneblessed takes on the aspects of stone and uses it to provide a vast amount of utility to their party.

  • HP: 5+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Poor.
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 11 – Stone Body – Your type changes to Elemental, and you gain the earth subtype. Additionally, you gain the Earthglide ability. You can slide through stone, dirt, or almost any sort of earth except metal as easily as a fish swims through water. This leaves behind no tunnel or path and does not create a ripple or signs of your presence.
  • Level 12 – New Totem – Rock
  • Level 12 – Speak with Stone – You can speak with stones, and they share their wisdom with you. They can relate who or what has touched them, as well as what is covered or concealed by them. They are considered to have all around vision, but do not know of things they have not seen. If needed, they have no skill bonuses, and mental stats equal to their hardness.
  • Level 13 – Stone Shape – You can shape stone like an artist shapes clay. As a standard action, you can change the shape of any stone touched. Each standard action allows you to shape a 5ft cube of stone.
  • Level 14 – Connected Earth – After a minute long ritual, you and up to 8 willing creatures linking hands, can walk into a stone face and out another miles away. This is a teleportation effect. You must enter one stone and exit another of the same type, and you must be aware of both pieces of stone (it is not uncommon to set up a collection of stones at a base of operations). The distance traveled is based on the type of stone.
    • Sandstone – 1 Mile
    • Limestone – 5 Miles
    • Slate – 20 Miles
    • Granite – 100 Miles
    • Marble – 300 Miles
    • Gemstone – 1,000 Miles
    • Amber – Same plane
    • Other – GM Discretion
  • The stone must have a surface area big enough for all creatures to travel through, and it generally must be able to serve as a doorway.
  • Level 15 – Earthen Ring – After a 10-minute ritual, you can craft a doorway of stone to the elemental plane of earth. This portal lasts for one hour and can be made permanent if that hour is spent in an extended ritual applying 10,000 carat’s worth of amber. This portal can go to a random destination, or one you are familiar with and have been to before.

Stoneblessed Totem

  1. Rock – While manifested, the Rock totem grants DR 10/-, and tremor sense 60ft. Additionally, it can be expended granting you the ability to immediately stone shape 20 5ft cubes of stone as a standard action.


The warden is a defender of plant life, and an expert in cultivating it to meet their needs.

  • HP: 5+1d6 at each level.
  • BAB: Poor.
  • Saves: Good Reflex and Will. Bad Fortitude.
  • Level 11 – Blessed Bounty – So long as the warden approves, all plant life within a 5-mile radius grows at 10X the normal speed. Additionally, if you plant a seed, you can cause it to undergo the first year’s growth overnight, jump starting many farms or forests. This choice is made as the seed is planted. Each seed planted this way requires a standard action to be spent planting it. Lastly, you can cause any flower, fruit, or vegetable to bloom or grow as a standard action. Many wardens choose to cultivate a grove or greenhouse full of exotic and rare plants.
  • Level 12 – Animate Plants – As a standard action, you can animate a plant to act on your behalf. It is treated as an animated object with the plant type and acts according to your commands. You can animate a number of plants whose hit die equal your own*4 at any given moment, none of which can individually have more HD than ½ of yours. If you attempt to exceed this number, the ability fails. You can dismiss plants as a standard action, causing them to re-root themselves (if possible) and return to a natural state. You can have plants animated any distance from you, but to give new commands, you must use pheromones that can only be detected by plants within 200ft and line of effect of you (this can be adjusted +/-100ft based on wind).
  • Level 13 – Plant Immunity – You become immune to all plant-based poisons, diseases, toxins, or spores.
  • Level 14 – Defender of the Green – All plant creatures automatically regard you as an ally.
  • Level 15 – Show the Way – While moving through an area with plants (at least grass) you and up to 10 designated creatures, do not leave a trail and become impossible to track through mundane means. Additionally, the plants can make it an automatic success when you track another person or party. Opposing use of this ability require an opposed charisma check to determine who the plants assist more. 

Epic Primal


The Colossus is a towering giant of primal might. Indestructible and impossible to ignore, a Colossus makes every encounter about them.

  • HP: 15 at each level.
  • BAB: Good
  • Saves: Good Fort and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 16 – Colossal – The colossus’s size increases to colossal. Apply stat changes based on any change in size as appropriate. If the colossus was already colossal, instead they gain +100 hit points.
  • Level 17 – indestructible – The colossus is immune to death effects.
  • Level 18 – Damage Resistant – The colossus is resistant to all non-magical damage, and gains DR 20/-
  • Level 19 – Regeneration – The colossus gains regeneration 20. Nothing overcomes this regeneration.
  • Level 20 – Spell Resistant – The colossus gains SR 10 + Level.


You will live on in the memories of your creations.

  • HP: 15 at each level.
  • BAB: Poor.
  • Saves: Good Fortitude and Will. Bad Reflex.
  • Level 16 – Awaken Beasts – After a half day ritual consuming 10,000 carats of amber, performed on an animal, you can grant it sentience. This creature initially treats you as an ally and has all the same stats with two exceptions.
    • It speaks one language that you speak, your choice.
    • Its mental stats are set to 8+1d6.
  • These newly awakened creatures can begin to take class levels as desired and gain levels normally.
  • Level 17 – Enhanced Animals – While performing your awakening ritual, you can choose to grant the animal an additional +5 to any stat of your choice once. This could be the newly rolled mental stats if desired.
  • Level 18 – Anthropomorphic Beasts – When awakening your beasts, you can choose to create an anthropomorphic version instead. Instead of Amber to create an anthropomorphic creature, one Dream is required.
    • The base creatures size remains as it is, increases to small, or decreases to large as appropriate.
    • They become bipedal and gain a land speed of 30 ft (or more if they naturally have more).
    • If the creature is aquatic, they can breathe air and water.
    • They lose any claws or slams based on their front two arms, which become hands and can wield weapons.
  • Level 19 – Awakening – From now on, when performing an awakening ritual, the amber cost is only paid the first time you awaken that particular species.
  • Level 20 – Intelligent Design – You can mix and match animal forms to awaken the ones you want. When performing the ritual to awaken an animal, you can choose to infuse it with a Nightmare. For each nightmare added you can perform one of the following.
    • Increase in size
    • Add a natural attack
    • Increase damage die of a natural attack
    • Add a natural movement mode
    • Increase a movement speed by 20ft
    • Add water breathing.

Master of the Green

A master of the green speaks for the trees.

  • HP: 15 at each level.
  • BAB: Poor.
  • Saves: Good Reflex and Will. Bad Fortitude.
  • Level 16 – Council of Forests – The Master of the Green is in constant telepathic communication with all plants throughout the world, and any other masters of the green. Talking to each blade of grass at all times would cause insanity. In practice, most masters of the green leave this ability dormant until needed or suppress anything but the most egregious calls for help.
  • Level 17 – Sculpt Earth – The master of the green can make any terrain fertile, and by spending a day per square mile, and can even create dirt from nothing if required. Additionally, they can alter the climate in a one-mile radius of them to their choosing.
  • Level 18 – Life Seed – By distilling a soul, the Master of the Green can create a life seed. When created it is tied to a creature and then must be planted within 24 hours. The seed then grows into a large pod over the next month. When the creature tied to the seed dies, the pod immediately bursts and a newly formed body for the creature comes out. The only change to the creature is that it is now of the plant type if it was not already.
  • Level 19 – Spreading Seeds – As a standard action, a Master of the Green can produce enough seeds to fill a 1-quart jar. These seeds can be of any type (except life seeds).
  • Level 20 – Tree Stride – With a thought, the Master of the Green can step into and out of any plant they are in communication with. This is a teleportation effect and can be done as a swift action.

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