Photo by Eriks Abzinovs on Pexels.com

Florathropes were an idea that came to me as a joke. I was playing in a Kingmaker campaign a bit ago, and we had an outrageous number of Shambling Mounts rolled for our random encounters. Without verification, I’d say it was 1 in 3. To the point that it was a very frequent running gag. I’m running the same module now for a group, and the amount of were-wolves we are rolling made me think back to our mound problem. I swear this player group must think its a lycanthrope themed module by now. Anyway, I was talking to the other group about it, and someone had a genius solution. Were-Shambling Mounds. Obviously suggested as a joke… but were-plants? I’m actually really into the idea. Also, I just got done reading some Swamp Thing.

Florathropes have been added to the showroom, and can be found here.

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