Space Street Jam

The SR 16 team just wrapped up a game jam for their game, Space Street. Essentially an open call for submissions for RPG products related to the Space Street game with some Steam giveaways to the winners. I got asked to step in and pick a judges favorite, although I’ll let them announce the winners on their channel. That said, I did feel like a quick micro-review of each of the contenders was in order.

The Cabinet of RZ6W2L

This is a 4 page adventure taking place within the mind of an A.I. I like a big concept, and this is certainly one. It takes advantage of the rules light nature of Space Street and focuses on guided conversations and freeform roleplay in a way that could be pretty neat. The layout, art direction, and typeface really sell the uncertain, existential nature of the adventure, and I’m a big fan.

Space Street Station

Space Street Station takes Space Street, and places it on a space station. It takes the same noir elements, but places them on a dystopian station, and gives tools and guidance to build scenes. Serving almost as a campaign setting. The writing in this one is good, it really leans into the private eye aspects that drew me to Space Street originally.

Alone, in this case

Alone is a solo RPG designed and inspired by Space Street, and a few other games. I like the method for 2d6 to determine NPC mood and interactions, and think you could probably use this sort of thing in general for random NPCs, not just for this specific game. It also came with a screen reader version, which is a big plus for a lot of folks.

Space Street Character Sheet

This is a pretty basic character sheet. Space Street isn’t a complex game, and doesn’t need a complex sheet, and this gives a stylish, art matching, character sheet for your use.

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