Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Ratskins]

Ratskins – Unlike so many, the Ratskins have adapted to the ecosystem of the Underhive and thrived. Viewed as primitive to nearly everyone, they are however valued as scouts and guides against the harsh environments.

Ratskins, as depicted in the core books.


[The Proving] Ratskins as a whole have adapted to life within the Underhive. The only need to form gangs are to protect their people and to prove valor.

Creating a Ratskin Gang

[Characteristic Modifiers] +3 Agility, +3 Fellowship, +3 Perception, -3 Willpower
[Skills] Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth, Survival
[Talents] Catfall, Meditation, Paranoia
[Wounds] +2 Wounds
[Favored Weapons] Bows & Bolas

Additional Features

[Well adapted] Ratskins are not effected by the rules for starvation or dehydration. They are so well adapted to their surroundings that it can be assumed they know how to find food or palatable water.

[Escape Artists] Ratskins are immune to capture. If captured, arrested or otherwise restrained after a battle, they will escape without a roll and return to their gang. Any equipment they had may however be lost.

[Primitive] Ratskins will never be able to use or afford plasma, flame, chain, melta or power, or heavy weapons of any kind. They will commonly use low tech, las or solid projectile weapons. They are however able to use any grenades they can afford or find.

[Equipment] Leather & Beast Hide Vests are considered common equipment for Ratskins.

Specialists – Ratskin gangs begin with one Sergeant (Chief), one Sanctioned Psycher (Shaman), and any number of Weapon Specialists (Ratskins).

Chief (Sergeant)
[Weapons Talents] Gains additional weapon talents low-tech weapons.

Shaman (Sanctioned Psycher)
[Weapons Talents] Gains additional weapon talents low-tech weapons.
[Restriction] Does not begin with a data slate
[Armor] Begins game with a Beast Hide Vest

Ratskin (Weapon Specialists)
[Weapons Talents] Gains additional weapon talents low-tech weapons.

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